Evgeniy Dyurinh

Picture of Evgeniy Dyurinh

Date of Birth: 01/12/1833

Age: 88

Place of birth: Berlin

Citizenship: Germany


However, its construction were mixing elements of metaphysical materialism, positivism and Kantianism. He considered philosophy a priori doctrine of the ultimate truth. The world, according to Duhring, has no end, but it had a beginning in time, which was preceded by a state of absolute rest. The transition from rest to motion Duhring explained by the notion of some "mechanical force" allegedly inherent in matter. . Thus, Duhring wanted to avoid the idea first impulse and simultaneously avoid the materialistic interpretation of motion as an attribute of matter; Duhring moment divorced from space and from matter.

Duhring sociological concept is based on the idealist view, according to which prichinoysotsialnogo inequality, exploitation, and poverty is violence. The socialist transformation of society, according to Duhring, should exclude a revolution and to keep the spirit of petty-bourgeois socialism of Proudhon, by co-operation of small producers. Duhring was a supporter of the teachings of the American economist G. Charles Carey. He opposed the political economy of Marxism, materialist dialectics and scientific socialism. Duhring`s ideas were spread among some of the German Social Democracy. This prompted Engels subjected Duhring views critical analysis, display their eclectic character and scientific inconsistency.

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