Evan Durbin

Picture of Evan Durbin

Date of Birth: 03/01/1906

Age: 42

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Durbin was born in 1906, the son of a Baptist clergyman. He studied in schools Plimpton (Plympton), Exmouth (Exmouth), Exeter (Exeter) and Taunton (Taunton); Evan got higher education in the New College Oxford (New College, Oxford University). At Oxford, Evan studied zoology, philosophy, politics and economics. It is known that Durbin was a member of the company, which Ben Pimlott (Ben Pimlott) once called `Koulovskaya group of outstanding young sotsialistov`.

During the General Strike of 1926 Evan befriended Hugh Gaitskell (Hugh Gaitskell) - the future leader of the Labour Party; Durbin during the strike represented the strikers and Gaitskell acted as his driver.

In 1929, Durbin was awarded a scholarship to study Economics at University College London (University College, London); Gaitskell had already been listed as one of the teachers of the college. In London, friendship and Evan Hugh strengthened even further; it lasted until Durbin`s death in 1948.

In the fall of 1930, Evan became a lecturer at the London School of Economics (London School of Economics); He worked there until 1945.

The 1931st Evan Durbin tried - unfortunately without success - to go to the Parliament from the Labour Party from East Grinstead (East Grinstead). In 1935, Durbin tried again - this time, from Gillingema, Kent (Gillingham, Kent); again he was waiting for failure.

At the beginning of 1939 the company Durbin Jay Douglas (Douglas Jay) and Hugh Getyskella tried to convince the Labour party leaders to agree on a government proposal for conscription; Unfortunately, this goal they have achieved - the party refused to support the call (as shown by the future, completely in vain).

After the war Durbin - the company has a number of prominent economists like Lionel Robbins (Lionel Robbins) and Harold Wilson (Harold Wilson) - became part of the economic division of the secretariat of the military government; It is also known that for a while Durbin served as personal assistant to Clement Attlee (Clement Attlee), the Deputy Prime Minister.

In the period from 1945 to 1948-th Durbin represented in Parliament Labour Edmonton (Edmonton); In this capacity, he was one of the guests` dinner for young pobediteley` (Young Victors Dinner), arranged by Hugh Dalton (Hugh Dalton) at the `St Ermin`s`. In addition to Durbin, to the event were invited to George Brown (George Brown), Richard Crossman (Richard Crossman), John Freeman (John Freeman), Hugh Gaitskell, Harold Wilson and Woodrow Wyatt (Woodrow Wyatt). In the period from 1945 to 1947-th Durbin entered the Parliamentary Private secretariat (Parliamentary Private Secretary); from 1947 to 1948-th Evan Durbin worked in the Ministry of Public Works (Ministry of Works).

On September 2, 1948, Durbin was drowned to save one of his daughters; it happened on the coast of Cornwall (Cornwall), south of Bude (Bude).

It is noteworthy that the untimely death of Evan - at the time of death of the policy was only 42 years old - did not prevent the Labour Party continue to be inspired by the example of Durbin. In many ways, his posthumous fame Evan obliged to his friend, Hugh Gaitskell.