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Date of Birth: 02/18/1924

Age: 55

Place of birth: Smolensk

Citizenship: Russia


Ilyenkov Ewald V. (2/18/1924, St. Petersburg - 21/03/1979) - the national psychology. After graduating from the Moscow school in 1941 he entered the Faculty of Philosophy MIFLI, after training in the artillery school went to the front. In 1946-1953 gg. He studied first at the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University, zatemv graduate. In 1953 he defended his thesis on "Some questions of materialist dialectics in the works of Karl Marx, political economy `to the Critique of". Since 1953, he worked first as a junior, and from 1961 - senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the USSR. In 1968 he defended his doctoral thesis on "the question of the nature of thinking." He substantiated the role of the ideal in the development of personality. In the 60-ies. I turned to the works of IA Sokolianskii and AI Meshcheryakov, covering work with deaf-blind children. This material gave a theoretical description of individual development as the formation of the ability to act in an ideal plan.


The dialectics of the abstract and the concrete in the "Capital" of Marx. M., 1960;

On the idols and ideals. M., 1968;

Dialectical logic. Essays on the history and theory. M., 1974;

Art and the communist ideal. M., 1983;

Philosophy and Culture. Moscow, 1991.

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