Eva Broydo

Picture of Eva Broydo

Date of Birth: 07/11/1876

Age: 64

Citizenship: Russia


Roar. career began in St. Petersburg. In January. 1901 arrested in adm. order exiled to Eastern. Siberia for 5 years; I participated in the so-called Romanovsky protest (protest Yakut 1904 - armament speech his political exiles..); winter 1904 and ran emigrated. I visited a number of European countries. During the Revolution of 1905-1907 he participated in the activities of the Menshevik organization Baku, later in the Petersburg. org-tion. In 1912 on August. Conf. (Vienna) elected tsp. OK Mensheviks and secretarial. She worked in the Menshevik. gas. "Ray," in the "Action Team" (1912-14), in 1915 - in the group of Menshevik-internatsonalistov Minusinsk.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 cases. Obscheros. Conf. RSDLP (May). August 25th. to combine, Congress RSDLP chosen Bureau RSDLP (o) of the internationalists. August 30th. at a meeting of the Central Committee of the RSDLP adopted tsp. edition of "Voice of Workers". Vital and watered. Broido credo expressed in her book. "Women workers" (PG, 1917), in a swarm, she urged women workers:

"We have to learn, we must actively participate in professional unions and the Social-Democratic Party of now we do not have to wait for that for us to do something others We ourselves are called to forge their destiny We must take an active part in the elections to the local.... government, we have to prepare for elections in the inaugural. Coll. But it should be remembered that the interests of the working class as a whole, both workers and women are the same and that these interests opposed to the interests of all others. bourgeois. class "(P.16 ).

In con. oct early. Nov. advocated negotiations with the Bolsheviks on the formation of "homogeneous Sots. Prospect Island". In 1918 secretarial. Menshevik. CC. In 1920 he left Russia, worked secretarial. edition of "Socialist. Bulletin". In November. 1927 being a member of. CC and travel abroad. Delegation RSDLP Broido illegally sent to Russia.

April 22. 1928 arrested in Baku sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, from April. 1931 in exile in Tashkent, to Nov. 1935 - in Oirot Tour. July 4, 1937 arrested, 21 March 1939 Military. Tribunal Mosk. IN sentenced to 20 years in prison, 13 September. 1941 Military. Top board. Court of the USSR, once again Orel had considered the case of prisoners in prison, sentenced to death. Rehabilitated posthumously.