Eugen Bleuler

Picture of Eugen Bleuler

Date of Birth: 04/30/1857

Age: 82

Place of birth: Tsollikorn

Citizenship: Switzerland


From 1909 to 1913, together with Freud published `Yearbook of psychoanalytical and psychopathological issledovaniy`. He conducted studies of schizophrenia.

He is also responsible for a drastic change in thinking about the phenomenon, now known under the name of schizophrenia. He rejected Krepelina term "dementia praecox", because he meant the irreversible condition is not treatable. Bleuler defined schizophrenia as a weakening of the connections that lead to the disintegration of the personality for a while and nekotoryhotnosheniyah. He tried to compile a dictionary of signs describing schizophrenia, here were "neologisms", "word salad" and "negative speech". Bleuler added category simple schizophrenia into three categories Krepelina (hebephrenia, paranoia, catatonia). By 1916 he had developed another concept of autism (loss of contact with reality) and ambivalence (mutually exclusive contradiction that exists both on an intellectual and emotional or volitional level) and it has enriched the understanding of schizophrenia.