Ernst Birnbaum

Picture of Ernst Birnbaum

Age: 71

Citizenship: Russia

Reached a record high

He was born in 1894.

Member of the First World and the Civil War.

He graduated from the Higher Courses aeronautic commander (1920) and the Higher School of Ballooning (1923).

He worked as an instructor at the higher educational institutions of the Air Force. In 1929-1930 years - Head of Aeronautic Osoaviahima school in Moscow. In 1938-1940 - commander of teaching and experimental squadron GVF airships.

During the Great Patriotic War, the division commander, barrage balloons in Moscow. He made a number of flights of free balloons.

Piloted (together with GA Prokofiev and KD Godunov) stratospheric balloon "USSR-1", which reached a record height of 18,501 meters (30 September 1933). At the time of the flight was the assistant chief of the 1st general government combat training UWS Red Army.

He died in 1965, buried in the 10-m section of Troekurov cemetery in Moscow.


He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner and the Red Star and medals.