Eric Borel

Picture of Eric Borel

Date of Birth: 11/12/1978

Age: 16

Place of birth: On

Citizenship: France

Killer Lyceum student from Toulon

Eric Borel (Eric Borel) was born in the family of Marie-Jean Parenti (Marie-Jeanne Parenti) and Jackie Borel (Jacky Borel) in 1978, in Pau, France (Pau, France). Both of his parents were military, however, enjoy a happy family life, Eric did not work - the family split up shortly after his birth. Until the execution of 5 years, he lived with his old father-parents but one day his mother, arrived at the meeting with Eric, took him to his home, so that according to its neighbors, annoy his friend Yves Bishe (Yves Bichet).

Ironically, her plan failed - Eric liked both Yves and his son Franck (Franck), they often spent time together, walking, and one day even built a few cells for chickens, for which subsequently courted himself Borel. The boy`s mother did not share their feelings: cold and heavy-handed, she always tried to accuse his son, and for any errors punished him and brutally beaten. It aggravates still her unshakable faith in God, which, as she claimed, Jean Marie, said Eric - `child greha`.

Every day, Borel went deeper into himself and pulled away; One day he was playing, broke his arm, but instead of having to run home or to the hospital, hid in the doorway, where he was trembling and barely live in pain, found only a few hours later.

Of course, the atmosphere in the house and the relationship with his mother could not help but affect the very Eric. So, from the friendly smiling boy and he turned into a street bully; Now he is no longer fed the chickens in the back yard, and shot at him and dove out of the air gun, which belonged to one of his friends.

Studying at vocational school Georges-Cisson in Toulon (Toulon) to an electrician, man has established himself as a diligent and conscientious student, who can always be relied upon. Everything has changed only in the last year of study, when Eric, for no reason, no reason, began to skip class, complaining about the problems and bad language. He often entered into controversy with the teachers, telling all he was tired and breathless, to say that `I wish I came into armiyu`.

It is not clear how the school could not ignore his behavior, because just a week before he opened fire, he said quite loudly that soon kill himself, but also to take a couple of people.

The only friend Eric was the favorite of the whole school Gillmett Alan (Alan Guillemette), whose image does not fit with the personality of Borel.

Existed, however, and a different opinion about the boy`s family - his stepfather, it was said, was obsessed with the ideology of Hitler and his whole room was papered with posters and swastikas; very same Eric caught allegedly in connection with his cousin, but none of this has not been confirmed.

September 23, 1995, the year at exactly 6 am Eric killed his stepfather, shooting him four times in a 22-caliber rifle. Next in line were his sons, who are just like Yves, died on the spot. Eric`s mother came home at the wrong time - just at a time when no one living at home no longer exists. The bullet hit her in the forehead and proshlanaskvoz, leaving no chance to even scream woman. Some sources claim that the later Eric hit the body several times with a baseball bat, but it was not in the main business of this episode.

Clean the house, he covered the body with newspapers, curtains closed and the gate and walked down the street, carrying a backpack on his back with all the money, and family values. Trying to steal the car did not get anywhere, and the rest of the day spent in the vineyards guy.

The next day, Eric came to the house`s best friend Alana around 7.15 am. After a brief conversation, during which Alan was almost in tears, the boys went, but at the last moment Borel still turned around and shot the other in the back. After that he went through the streets, shooting at everyone. Shortly before the police arrived, he committed suicide, shot himself in the head. In total, his hands 15 people died and another four were injured.

Thus, Eric Borel `pobil` record of the French farmer killer Christina Dorniera (Christian Dornier), which killed 14 people July 12, 1989-year.