Elmer R Gates

Picture of Elmer R Gates

Date of Birth: 1859

Age: 64

Place of Birth: Dayton

Citizenship: United States

The researcher thought process

Elmer R. Gates was born near Dayton, Ohio (Dayton, Ohio, USA), in 1859-m, and was the son of Jacob (Jacob) and Phoebe Goetz (Phoebe Goetz). At the turn of the 20th century Laboratory Elmer Gates in Chevy Chase, Maryland (Elmer Gates Laboratory, Chevy Chase, MD), was the largest private laboratory in the United States.

Despite the fact that Gates was a prolific inventor, he considered himself primarily a psychologist. He used scientific experiments to reveal the theme of introspection. With their help, Dr. Gates studied the processes by which the mind goes into a state of active search and discover new knowledge. Research scientist led to psihotaksisu` `(` psychotaxis`), `the integrated hierarchy of sensory discrimination, needed to create an effective and complete mental representation of a given part of the physical world`.

In more simple words, psihotaksis - a psychic protection (protection-ego), involuntary adjustment of their way of thinking and acting in order to maintain a pleasant and avoid unpleasant. Psihotaksis became one of the main components of `psychurgy`, Gates` model, in which the art of using your mind is seen as one way of improving the knowledge of the scientific method.

Elmer spent a lot of experiments on animals to determine the effects on brain structure `rafinirovannogo` touch of distinction, ie, I investigated various responses to various stimuli. He also studied chemistry and psychology of human emotions. For two years, four times a day, it was a series of reports, which tried to identify the best environmental conditions and parameters functioning of the human body, whether respiratory rate or heart rate, at which the process of thinking remains at the peak.

Their study, Dr. Gates wrote not dry tongue, but in the spirit of literary works, so that his works were very popular in the press of the time.

Incorrect interpretation and speculation in the papers Elmer were commonplace. Name Dr. Gates and his generirovaniyaidey system referred to in the popular book by Napoleon Hill (Napoleon Hill) `Think and bogatey` (` Think and Grow Rich`). The approximate description of how Gates sought to maximize the impact of your mind, described in chapter 12, entitled `Developing your creative voobrazheniya` (` Developing Your Creative Imagination`).

Elmer R. Gates died in Washington, DC (Washington, DC), in 1923.

Dr. Gates invented the foam extinguisher. Improved electric iron. Invented beer production method by fermentation and aseptic filling. He also created an electric loom and diamagnetic and magnetic separators are designed to extract gold from gold-bearing sands.