Elizaveta Nikischihina

Picture of Elizaveta Nikischihina

Date of Birth: 05/17/1941

Age: 56

Citizenship: Russia


Elizabeth Nikischihina was one of the "stars" in a remarkable constellation of artists gathered at one time in the theater of Stanislavsky and M.Yanshinym B.Lvovym-Anokhin.

For her, there was not impossible, it is equally tragic, and were subject to, and character roles. Elizabeth Nikischihina brilliantly played Masha in the play of the same name Afinogenova and Gerda in the fairy tale by Andersen, in Vassa "Vasse Zheleznova" Gorky and Gogol AGAFYA. Terrific play in the play Antigone Anouilh. "For her, the theater was a secular form of religion, - wrote about the actress friends and colleagues -. More than once, especially shortly before her death she refused roles for reasons of principle do not accept." Depressive "theater, because believed that people come to the theater for the positive emotions. "

In the movie, he performed the role of strange, eccentric persons, mostly good, but not understood by others. The most interesting character: Bride (Nasty anecdote "), Lala (was a dog on the piano"), Masha ( "The Adventures of Electronics"), wife Orlovich ( "Pokrovsky Gates"), director of the school ( "Victoria"), Serafim ( "Suicide" ).

Elizabeth Sergeevnu distinguished quality, unique even in talented people: artistry, courage. She is having fun, and fun it passed the room. In the movie Nikischihina played a lot less than in the theater. Filmmakers used mainly type of actress - eccentricity, "smiling" patter. She had never played a major role, although the image of a middle-aged, lonely headmistress in the film "Victoria" could easily pass for a center. Among the other films with her participation: "stop", "And we had a quiet", "Rasmus-tramp", "Love", "The Voice", "There was sadness", "Torpedo", "Club of Women", "Provincial benefit ". forward in life, Elizabeth S. has been closed and a man very much alone, despite the recognition of colleagues. Constantly torn by contradictions, thoughts of work and life, she drank a lot, for this reason, it left a loving husband - a famous music critic Anatoly Agamirov. The tragic fate of Antigone, she had played, had spread partly on its own human destiny. In life it is expensive to pay for the light that radiated on stage and on screen.

He died suddenly on November 27, 1997 in Moscow at the 57th year of life.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1984)