Elizaveta Glinskaya

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Age: 32

Citizenship: Ukraine

Killed frog cried, and then she prepared

Lisa, congratulations on your victory! You are already aware that they have become the best culinary show?

- Thank you very much! Once declared the winner, I had very mixed feelings: seemingly did everything that depended on me, but I had strong competitors. For example, Tanya Nemerovets and I really was not sure who would be called a winner. And when my name was called, I had a shock, I could not say anything to give at least some emotion. And I still can not believe it!

This first call you and share good news?

- My mother and sister were present at the finals, and my dad was home, he was the first I called. In my words, that I won, followed by silence in the tube, I say to his father: "Dad, can you hear me? I won!". My father, too, was a shock, and yet because he was not able to understand how you can, with a stable and a good job with decent pay, take and change everything in your life. I worked for 4 years leading make-up artist a well-known cosmetic brands. This is a prestigious position that allowed me to pay for housing in Kiev, but now I was determined that I would build a career as a chef. And his father is stunned! By the way, the show I always painted herself, and the other girls could fix makeup.

One of the judges said of the project that taught you to cook and choose foods to avoid waste. And, admit it, many products have translated?

- Food I began to translate the last 3-4 gears "MasterShef". Before that, I was always very practical. Why take the whole bunch of shallots, chive if you need one? When cooked chicken Kiev, we have so much meat chickens spoil, that there is still a shame! But in stressful situations it is sometimes. I really try to be economical and to think ahead: do not cut and do not wash too much, if you will not use. I remember, I took the tuna, cut, apotom think - no, you are too expensive, tuna, I will not risk it, and brought it back into the refrigerator. It was terrible to spoil such an expensive product.

What was filming the show for you the most difficult?

- When something did not work to cook, I felt morally insanely hard. Until disruption. I did not want to be mediocre party. I came on the show to win, and I was upset when my dish is not getting better. Still remember the shooting when we had to prepare for the 20 participants of the first season of "MasterShef": 2 hours about 10 different dishes chic! Or when we had to feed the 50 best chefs in Ukraine. It was a terrible stress. This assessment is not the usual three judges, and the best of the best! Imagine the responsibility ?!

Are you ready for a gastronomic masterpiece personally wring the neck of a chicken or a rabbit to kill?

- Rabbit would slaughter just could not. But the show was a job with frogs, they were taken alive, and we had to kill them in a special way. I had a panic. But I know your character, even if scared, and I`m going to iterate myself, and I will do all that is needed. So yes, I killed a frog cried and prepared. I want to be a chef, I should be able to it. But the snake, I would not have touched.

The most disgusting thing you have to have in your life?

- Zoofobusov, these are worms, which we are also prepared to "MasterShef". He is ribbed, and feel the rough surface in the mouth, and it`s so disgusting. If I had tried it in another form, for example, peretolchennym in the paste, I would never have guessed that this is the taste of his almond, sweet, dessert, you can come up with it. And I shoved it fried, crispy ... unpleasant to remember (Lisa already cringe - Ed.)..

In Kiev you live in a rented apartment? This prize - 500 thousand hryvnia - want to spend on a store in Kiev. Perhaps to start is to get your living space?

- Part of the winnings I will spend on accommodation in Paris, where he will study at the Academy of Paris "Le Cordon Bleu" and the study of French pastry. They say that in this city is not cheap life. With regard to his property, then yes - I very much want. But the question I have for myself swept away - is not trained pastry skills and will not on its feet as a cook.

Coffee in the capital a lot than your will stand out among the others?

- It will be a completely new format for the confectionery, combined with a coffee shop, which is not present in Ukraine. The details I have not yet spoken. I know exactly when I`ll be back from Paris, I will look for an investor.

We know that you have on the set there was sympathy for one of the participants. But then something happened. This is true?

- Yes, I had a liking to one of the participants. You might talk about Misha Sosnovskih, but in some situations during the filming of the show, I changed my attitude towards him, sympathy quickly disappeared. And now, looking at the show and interviews, I understand that the heart was taken correctly.

You have experienced a terrible tragedy - the death of the child. Where to find the strength to stand up and do not break?

- I have lived through this tragedy, it took 6 years ... (pauses - Ed.).. Unrealized sense of motherhood was realized in a mad love for cooking. That`s when cooking has appeared in my life, and I have all the free time he has paid. A participation in the project has given me the experience and the material possibility to fulfill my dream - to become a professional chef and open a small business.

I love to cook, but if this activity has become my profession - would have hated. Indeed, any joy, which is becoming a routine occupation, automatically cease to be a joy. You have it so happens that on the plate can not look without a shudder? And this fight?

- I was not like this. (Laughs.) I can hit the ceiling when something goes wrong, but you just need to cool down and return to the dish, and will succeed. But, on the other hand, I have not worked in a professional kitchen as a permanent cook, so I can only judge as an amateur. I will try to do everything so that this does not become a chore. So I want to grow up to the chef, who has to be creative, to improve the menu, enter a new position, so will never be needed each year to stand in the kitchen and cook.

What is the most complicated dish in your life are you ready?

- Souffle!

And what you do not terribly like?

- In one case, I brought terrine of rabbit, it smelled bad, some cellar. I thought that`s what I do not understand anything in this dish, and you need to make an effort, and probably will be delicious. I this way and that approach to this dish, but still disgusting. Lagging behind the plate. Although I know that many baldeyut from him.

How and who will celebrate the New Year? What is the menu prepared and which wish make?

- For me it`s a family holiday, I would spend it in Kiev with her sister and her husband might come the parents, really want to celebrate with them. Menu already makes will necessarily be baked duck in orange sauce. I will please a light dessert, to which very few survive in the New Year`s Eve. Such conventional Christmas dishes like Olivier and a fur coat, I have excluded, I have something to replace them from the fact that learned to cook. (Smiles.) Most likely, the meat will be vegetable garnish, there will be several kinds of snacks, different salads and always an easy dessert. But the menu is still in the discussion! As for me, I am madly want the sea - in warmer climes. Last month on the show, I just dreamed about the sun, the sand, the sea or the ocean.