Elizabeth Blackwell

Picture of Elizabeth Blackwell

Date of Birth: 03/02/1821

Age: 89

Place of birth: Bristol

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The first woman, who graduated from medical school

Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3, 1821 the first in Bristol, England (Bristol, England), and the first years of life spent on Wilson Street. Her nickname was `Bess` (` Bess`), but his father called his daughter `Little Shay` (literally.` Little zastenchivaya`). She was the third of nine children of Samuel Blackwell (Samuel Blackwell) and his wife Hannah Lane (Hannah Lane). Father did not simply afford the education of their sons, but also found that education, along with the boys have to get his daughter.

One night, when Elizabeth was eleven, a fire destroyed his father`s business. In 1832 the family emigrated to the United States and opened a refinery in New York (New York City). Blackwell Quakers were very religious and believed that men and women are equal in God`s eyes. Their faith helped them to oppose slavery. The opportunity has opened up the opportunity to lead by Samuel plant in Ohio (Ohio), where to gather in slaves did not need sugar, and Elizabeth`s father decided to come to Cincinnati (Cincinnati). However, three weeks after moving Samuel died of bilious fever, leaving a widow and five children in very straitened financial condition.

After his father`s death, Blackwell decided to move up the career ladder as a teacher, to earn money and pay for medical school. But the teacher`s practice is not to give her any pleasure. Wanting more to switch to medicine, Elizabeth had settled in the house of a doctor - and the beginning of the study of the medical library. She also supported the activity in the fight against slavery, as well as her brother Henry Brown Blackwell (Henry Brown Blackwell), married to a suffragist Lucy Stone (Lucy Stone). Her other brother, Samuel Charles Blackwell (Samuel Charles Blackwell), married another important figure, to defend women`s rights, Antoinette Brown (Antoinette Brown). In 1845-m Elizabeth went to North Carolina (North Carolina), where she studied medicine at the home of Dr. John Dixon (John Dickson).

She studied at the Medical College of Geneva (Geneva Medical College) in New York, where she was taken, provided that no student would not oppose the emergence of women in the lectures. The students decided that they simply play, and agreed to welcome the newcomer, writing gentleman promising treatment. When Blackwell began to emerge in the classroom, the students gave the word, did not break it. Elizabeth remembers that when the teacher complained that a student (ka)