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Date of Birth: 03/31/1948

Age: 53

Citizenship: Israel

Guru in the field business management

Eliyahu was born in Israel, Rabbi of the family; his life, however, he chose to associate with the exact sciences. Higher education Goldrett went to get in the Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv University); later his bachelor`s degree he - already at the University of Bar Ilan (Bar-Ilan University) - first turned to a master`s degree, and then - and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

After university Eliyahu some time worked with a variety of Israeli production companies; later he left science, and created his own company - `Creative Output`. The company has developed and released a software package `Optimized Production Technology`; he was almost the first program to provide a decent ability to plan production activities. Like the program itself, and zalozhennyev its basis the idea became a theme for a number of major scientific works.

Goldrett actively participated in a number of scientific discussions on various occasions; It ended up access to the labor press` City without sten` ( `A Town Without Walls`).

Gradually Eliyahu noticed that the activities of his own company, there are some highly undesirable aspects - so, a number of innovations is clearly not used to the full. After some additional research Goldrett could understand that certain habits and approaches to the work of the staff and managers have a great influence on their work with the program - and, unfortunately, adversely affect the benefits of its new features.

In the end, the result of research Eliyahu became the purpose of the book `` ( `The Goal`); to create it from Goldretta took 13 mesyatsev.K Unfortunately, major publishers and well-known professionals in the field of management of special interest in this book are not shown; Nevertheless, the author still managed to publish it - with the help of Larry Gadd (Larry Gadd), owner of the company `North River Press`. It soon became clear that Gadd has not lost - the book enjoyed great success with readers. Eliyahu, meanwhile, continued his studies; soon it was born the `Drum-Buffer-Verevka`. The essence of the new method Goldrett outlined in his book `Gonka` (` The Race`); soon they were open courses - they are managers learned some unusual aspects of its management of the company using a computer simulation program.

Shortly thereafter, Elijah tried to turn his company into the counseling center - under the guidance of his people had to learn a new way to look at it like the usual things; Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on current income `Creative Output`, and the board of shareholders decided to dismiss Goldretta.

Shortly thereafter, Elijah has created its own training center; he called it in honor of his father - `Institute of Abraham I. Goldretta `(Avraham Y Goldratt Institute). The Institute was engaged primarily popularizing the theory of constraints and assist in its implementation.

The new project Eliyahu was surprisingly successful; He continued to engage in educational activity Goldrett to 1997 and - until his retirement. However, sit back 50-year-old businessman is clearly not going to - at the very beginning of the XXI century, he created a new company - `Goldratt Group`; She worked as the Institute Goldretta, popularization of new approaches to management.

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