Elisabeth Berenberg

Picture of Elisabeth Berenberg

Date of Birth: 02/12/1749

Age: 572

Citizenship: Germany

Maria Teresa in a nutshell

Elisabeth Berenberg - comes from a family of Flemish Antwerp in modern Belgium (Antwerp, Belgium), families who had fled for religious reasons in Hamburg in 1585-m, and are based Berenberg Bank ``. The family was closely related to the genus Amsink, one of the most famous names from the ruling class of the free imperial city of Hamburg.

Elizabeth was the daughter of the founder of the bank, Berenberg Johann (Johann Berenberg) and Anna Maria Lastrop. His name was in honor of her grandmother, Anna Elizabeth Amsink. Her grandfather, Rudolf Berenberg (Rudolf Berenberg), was elected senator in 1735-m, and her great-grandfather, Cornelius Berenberg (Cornelius Berenberg), inherited the status of grand burgher in 1684-m and turned Berenberg family trading house into a successful commercial bank. The pedigree Elizabeth also was a lot of other great shopping and banking families, including Veslerov.

Only her brother, Rudolf Berenberg probably mentally ill, died in 1768, at the age of 20 years, Suriname (Suriname), where his father was sent to manage the family affairs. Her uncle, the childless Senator Paul Berenberg, died in the same year. Thus, the sole heir to `Berenberg banka` remained Elizabeth. In 1768 th she married Johann Heinrich Gosslera (Johann Hinrich Gossler), who immediately engaged in banking business. Elizabeth`s father made his son-in partner of the bank in 1769-m. After the death of Johann Berenberg sole owner and manager of `Berenberg Gossler banka` began.

German historian Percy Ernst Schramm (Percy Ernst Schramm) describes the marriage of Elizabeth and Johann as a marriage of convenience. Wife thought not too attractive, but intelligent, educated and kind. She knew several languages, including Latin. The family union Elizabeth earned a reputation as an exemplary wife and mother. She is survived by her husband of 32 years after his death led the bank with her son-in up until December 31, 1800 th. From this date headed `` Berenberg Bank stood only her-in-law and son. However, Elizabeth held a major expense in a family bank, hundreds of thousands of bank marks (Mark Banco), until his death.

Elizabeth - mother Anna Henrietta Gossler, who married Ludwig Erdvina Seyler (Ludwig Erdwin Seyler), and Senator Johann Heinrich Gosslera (Johann Heinrich Gossler). Her son-in-Seyler, became a partner of the bank in 1788-m and a leader in the 1790 m. Her grandson, Gossler Hermann (Hermann Gossler), became the first mayor and president of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Eepravnuk, Baron Johann von Berenberg-Gossler (Johann von Berenberg-Gossler), received the honorary name of `von Berenberg-Gossler` by the Senate of Hamburg in 1880, the privileges of the nobility of Prussia (Prussia) in 1888 and the title of Baron in 1910 - m.

With the 1793rd until his death in 1822, Elizabeth enjoyed Frustbergskim mansion as a summer residence.

Percy Ernst Schramm called Elizabeth `Maria Theresa in miniatyure` and` practical woman, until recently taking care of his family with undying energiey`. Her daughter Anna Henriette Gossler once wrote to his mother: `We all love and honor her indescribable. She fully deserves this because only lives for their children. It is full of life and light for its let`. Elizabeth received an excellent education and has taken care to become highly educated her daughters and sons.