Elena Venttsel

Picture of Elena Venttsel

Date of Birth: 03/21/1907

Age: 95

Place of birth: Tallinn

Citizenship: Russia

In Memory of Elena Sergeevna Wentzel

Her moment lasted 95 years and 25 days. April 15 stopped her beautiful heart. April, 18 the cremation ...

I do not want to write the obituary - such stars do not fall, people do not die for ever. But living who got their lights in the past, it will shine in the future. This feeling people call lodestar. It remains in my heart as an internal compass.

Elena Wentzel, nee Dolgintsevo - poet in mathematics and mathematics in poetry, rather - in prose, why, and her prose is something poetic. She was, according to Pushkin seems to have succeeded in harmony with algebra: every word in her short stories, novellas, novels - calibrated and delivered to the site with mathematical precision as the X and the Y in the formula, making sounds of her prose is perfectly tuned musical instrument . X and y: the Y - her nom de plume: I. Grekova.

And in mathematics, where it Professor Wentzel, it was chosen for a section is very poetic - the theory of probability. Among many of its scientific papers (she was a doctor of technical sciences) textbook on probability theory has been and will remain popular for a long time students of technical universities. Not to mention the wealth of content, there are few books written is not dry, but so interesting and highly artistic.

Elena has taught at the Faculty of weapons of the Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky. There he worked and her husband - a prominent scientist Dmitry Wentzel. He was head of the department of ballistics, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Major General Aviation. On these remarkable people lovingly wrote in "Literary Gazette" (July 18-24 last year) their student, former student Academy Viktor Gastello, son of the legendary pilot. About them warmly remembered gathered at the funeral ceremony in Moscow on April 18. These people have always been few and, I fear, the likelihood of them similar to the current Russian conditions is low. The only hope - their students and their school. Yes, people who read the book will be read and I. Grekova.

She was born in 1907 in Revel (now Tallinn). Then the family moved to St. Petersburg. His father taught mathematics, mother - literature. Their daughter had been writing stories from five to six years, but still went on his father`s path, although a passion for literature implicitly in it lived and, breaking through in the sixth ten years, immediately made it popular authors.

Dmitry Wentzel was born in 1898; his ancestors from his father were the Germans, by the mother`s ancestors belonged to an ancient noble family. All who knew him were surprised multifaceted talent, breadth of erudition and interests of that person. He died early in 1955. It features Elena has given a number of characters of his literary works, especially the General Sievers in the story "In the trials."

This story about the everyday life of the missile range, written by an eyewitness, furthermore, a party tests, and - not by ceremonial canons, angered GlavPUR. "Where have you seen a drunken officer?" - Tormented her. At Elena Sergeyevna, non-party, the party committee academy brought a private case. She bravely fought back. As time went next term professorship competition, she won, but after this victory demonstratively submitted a letter of resignation and left the Academy, where she worked for 30 years. Of course, such a professor would be happy in any university of the capital. She chose the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers. Would not it be a blessing in disguise: after the battle with the generals` party committee Elena began to give literature more most of his life.

Oh, how we read to her story, "Major!" Especially as university professors, graduate and undergraduate students. This revelation, understanding this vital truth did not exist before. I. Grekova barely appeared on the literary horizon, soon became famous and beloved writer, is very close and understandable to the reader, at the same time a hundred times more than seeing a high, which, as it were "above all is visible." Her name has already been searched.

"Department" was published in 1978, "In tests" - in 1967. And in 1961, Aleksandr Tvardovsky, chief editor of "New World", written on the manuscript of the story I. Grekova "For passing": "The author must be borne in mind has a pen.". There is a pen! Golden Pen. I`ll re-read this story. Reading, writing down what could induce not prone to compliments Twardowski on such a resolution. I collect a lot of citations each other better, so that it is difficult to choose, and for all is not enough space here.

Long-term employee of the editorial board of the "New World" Kaleria N. Ozerov remembers that the manuscript I. Grekova story "For passing" has brought to the "New World" writer Frida Vigdorova, make friends with Elena Sergeevna. Yes, the same one that later took to orbit the world of the court record of Joseph Brodsky, for which he was persecuted by the authorities, can be ultimately stoivshim her life.

It is worth mentioning here also Vasily Grossman. Also in 1961, Alexander Twardowski attempted to publish his novel "Life and Fate". KGB immediately arrested izv