Elena Vasilievna

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Citizenship: Russia

Curriculum Vitae ( "The rulers of Russia", St. Petersburg "SATIS" 1993)

Ruler of the Moscow State from December 3, 1533 on April 3, 1538 on the year and the place of its birth is no definite information; He married the Grand Prince Vasily January 28, 1526 g .; accompanied by her husband, to go around the land of Novgorod monasteries and the edge of Vologda in 1529 g .; first she became a mother, having given birth to a son, Ivan (later Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible, cm. 96) 25 August 1530 g .;

entered on the death of her husband, and according to his will in the administration of the state, for the son`s minority, December 3; She took custody of Prince George, own uncle baby-sovereign December 11, 1533 .; He started the war with Lithuania and caressed numerous Nogai Embassy in Moscow in 1534 g .; promised protection Ruler Moldovan, entered into an alliance with the Crimeans (did not prevent the last to appear immediately in the number of 15 thousand for the devastation of Ryazan coast of Oka) and laid the bricks China Town in Moscow at the expense of Zemsky collection in 1535 g .;

Kazan announced the war in 1536 .; concluding peremiriyana 5 years with Lithuania, and 60 years from Sweden, ordered to seize and imprisoned Bound another sovereign uncle, Prince Andrew Staritskogo unreasonable to raise the banner of revolt, in 1537

She died in Moscow, is believed to have poisoned April 3, 1538 Her body was buried in the Ascension Convent Moscow, in the Kremlin.