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Date of Birth: 09/02/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Not an easy happiness Elena Proklova

Author: Olga Shablinsky

Website: Celebrities

I met up with Elena Proklova, happy mother of two beautiful women, daughters, in its still not yet unfinished house in a village near Moscow. We sit in the stunning beauty of the winter garden, equipped itself actress and drink green tea. Periodically, drop us husband and youngest daughter of actress - flirtatious blonde Pauline. Spouse calls Elena only as `` Lenulya` or Lapulya`. The child - like a little angel. `` Idyll - I think. But she was given Helen dearly ...

- WHEN I hear from people: `Hey, where are my 16 years`, I always think to myself:` God forbid! For me, the return of youth would be the worst nakazaniem`. I love my mature age. In his youth, everything is so overshadowed by the passion, sensuality. The vagaries of guided me, and I do not - them. In 17 years, I decided to get married - I wanted to be like all of a sudden in a beautiful dress. My brother is going to marry his fiancee chose a style wedding dress, well, I `zagorelos`.

Birth of daughter Arisha was also irresponsible step. I was easier to give birth than every day to explain his wife, longed for children, why is not necessary to rush the child. We Vitali lived for four years and divorced. My husband wanted to comfort the family, and I took the whole work, although the household, I also managed to lead exemplary - I`m Virgo horoscope. One day her husband forbade me to kiss in performance and delivered an ultimatum: `Either I or teatr`. I cut off: `` Theatre, took the child and left ...!

We were too young and obsessed with his own ambitions. I think that if I had the time of his wisdom and knowledge of today we would live happily ever after. Vitaly - a very nice man. By the way, he never married.

`Light pytka`

With Alexander Deryabin, the famous physician, I met a very peculiar ... On one of my cavalier, I went to visit. In the evening, a man with whom we were visiting (it was Deryabin), called me: `I`m in love with you. And it serezno`. Of course, I dumped him, adding that he did not even remember it. It has been 10 years. My daughter opened Arishki duodenal ulcer. Evgeny Evstigneev wife said to me, `There is one doctor - a god who cures travami`. We went to him immediately. The door was opened by a handsome tall man ... and fell to his knees. `Lena !!! You came to me! `Our novel spun-spun just a couple of days.

I waited for the twins from Sasha. But little boys died, barely seeing a white light. I could not get over one and a half years. It was a terrible blow. I was crushed, demoralized, devastated. She asked God: `` What are parting with Sasha - just packed up and went to live with my brother?!.

Then fate brought me together with Andrew - my current husband. Absolutely everyone was against our marriage: `What are you ?! This misalliance! He`s younger than you, bednyy`. But I - a very grateful. Can not he borrowed someone and then say, `Thank you, of course. Well, now we will find someone richer, pointeresnee`. And then, when they say that with a sweet heaven in a cottage, I am deeply convinced that it is true. Prince - not the person who has a lot of money and beautifully dressed. Prince - one who thinks you`re a princess, who will help in a difficult moment and will always help. Here are our women`s dream!

We waited for Andrei and child. We have a son. Doctors who took my birth in one fateful times, weeping with me with happiness. Somehow, I had said that we will not hurry with the registration of the child, wait a bit. And then, on the eighth day, they came to me and said that this happened ...

The next child, I convey to the sixth month. We celebrated my birthday. Suddenly, I started to have pain ... We called `skoruyu`, I was taken to the First City Hospital. There`s a student on duty, held practice. I was put on the operating table. A few hours later I woke up - without a fever and without pain. And ... without a child. After that, `opyta` brilliant young student, I could not get pregnant for three years.

Akhmatova has a line: `mother share - light torture, I am worthy of it was not. The white paradise opened the gate, Magdalene son vzyala`. So I was not worthy of time to become a mother. It took four children`s lives, so I completely revised its life. My eldest daughter Arina was a lonely childhood. I stripped her daily maternal affection and participation of children in all its affairs. Arina once did not want to live with me - has decided to stay with his grandparents. They could give her warmth ...

`My life lyubit`

KNOW ... Thank God that one day life for me came from really, and made all to review. I looked inside myself and suddenly realized how many bad deeds committed!

We decided to go with Andrey from Moscow to the village. They began to build the house. To complete the construction, I went to concerts. At the finish of the money was not enough. Still, we moved to a new home - put in the same room two heaters and huddled there. But the main thing was achieved - in fact, I wanted to get away from the bustle of the city, to me nobody bothered to think and rethink your life ...

I have a great deal in that time I knew ... And then a miracle happened. Pauline was born. While the miracle in the medical sense, it can hardly be called - all the time from conception to birth, I lay in the hospital, she has stuck himself in the stomach with 700 shots.

We Andryusha 17 years together. Through all covered in this marriage. But we forgave each other for a huge amount of resentment. You know, Andrew - very bad people. According to the sign of the zodiac - Gemini. So you never know to whom you are currently drawn. For example, the conversation in the morning: `Lenusik, greeting. Let`s have kofeechku, I`ll go sdelayu`. I: `Ah, you are my milyy`. I bring myself up, I get down down: `` He Andryushechka roughly interrupts me: `Wait a minute, I work `I - shocked!. Immediately - scandal scream. I`m in such a state always love to throw against the wall something. A bunch of alarms interrupted ... Honestly, I can obscene something to shout: `beast! I hate you! All of you guys ... I knew it! Right mom told me `Andrew was not in debt:` You fool! Like all women, dura`. I was immediately neutralize. And we sit quietly drinking coffee. Our family all solved screaming. But the main thing - do not leave no smoldering resentment, and rightly so. I read a recent study: the need to shout at each other, without this there can not be a normal family. If people are silent, suffering and fear to show themselves, then - guard. But no matter how we scandals, I know the main thing - my husband never betrays.

It was the wife makes a man perfect. Andrew I always put in those situations where it`s supposed to be the best. Just do not leave him space to be average. Like it or not, the family are all of us, women, independent ...

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you a great news! I was invited to participate in the program `Last geroy`! Will cockroaches in the Dominican Republic there! So interesting!!! No, whatever you say, life loves me.

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