Elena Golunova

Picture of Elena Golunova

Birthplace: Novosibirsk

Citizenship: Russia

Siberian witch

The classification of different kinds of magicians and sorcerers - a complicated matter; formal categories as such is not there. Koe-kakie interpretation at the most common terms are available; so the magician and magician - characters are often positive, while the images of witches and warlocks are usually written in a rather dark colors. Elena Golunova argues that deals with black magic - and while the villain himself does not think so.

Mystic Masters of love to spread that the black magic especially harmful to its users; Elena Golunova, however, argues that black magic - just a tool in the hands of men. Like any tool, black magic is able to do both good and evil - depending on what the magician wishes.

Why Golunova calls his black magic, as soon zlakak such, it does not create? A significant role in the choice of the term plays that Elena `` on duty periodically communicates with the dead. Contrary to rumors, all the dead can not predict the future or to see the mysteries of the human soul; they are, in fact, not much different from their living comrades - and first of all prefer to talk about their pressing issues.

Elena Golunova - sorceress traditional and high-tech know not particularly good. Through the efforts of the son she has got a page in the popular social network VKontakte `; In addition, a special assistant to periodically review the incoming mail to its address. Interestingly, rather active work on behalf of Elena Golunovoy the web is still underway; alas, for the most part carried out its crooks, eager to cash in someone else`s fame. Son already persuaded Helen to get your own website and in the future, most likely, it will be easier to calculate the scam; Now a list of fraudulent sites available on the Helena `` VKontakte page.

Abilities Helen are great, but limited; so predictions of future Golunova not engaged in principle. Along with `tehnicheskimi` constraints have limited Elena and morally - because it refuses to deal with love spell; According Golunovoy required wanting love spell result can be achieved without the help of magical powers.

One of the main features of any `nastoyaschego` human Elena Golunova calls the presence of some kind of global dreams, life goals. There is such a dream, of course, and most of Elena - she wants to grow up and to put `` on its feet three of his sons. Junior and middle until they are under the wing of Golunovoy, but older - Vlad Kadono - known just as much to his mother. Vlad twice already managed to take part in the `` Battle of psychics; mother, by the way, much pleasure from it does not feel. Elena absolutely certain that the magical gift automatically requires certain self-restraint - the owner of such a gift is almost forced to exist in a world of magic and hope for success in other walks of life is unlikely to. Kadono absolutely sure in reverse; Moreover, he believes that in other walks of life of its success can expect even more. Elena does not consider itself entitled to control their adult son, but his chosen way of life is not entirely approve of - experience shows that those who rebel against the tribal customs often receive from the fate of a very, very painful blows.