Elena Bonner

Picture of Elena Bonner

Date of Birth: 02/15/1923

Age: 88

Place of birth: Merv

Citizenship: Russia


Originally bore the name Lusik Alikhanov. My father, an Armenian Gevorg Alikhanian Sarkisovich Comintern worker, shot February 13, 1938. His mother, Ruth G. Bonner Jew, also a Communist, was arrested December 10, 1937 and March 22, 1938 sentenced to 8 years of exile. Parents Bonner were rehabilitated in 1954.

After the arrest of both parents in 1937 moved to Leningrad. In 1940 he graduated from high school and entered the evening department of the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature of the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. Herzen.

During World War II served as a volunteer in the Red Army as a nurse and was severely wounded and a concussion, then worked first ordinary nurse, and later from 1943 a senior nurse in the military hospital train number 122. In 1971 he was recognized as a disabled Great Patriotic War of the second group .

From 1947 to 1953 she studied at the Bonner 1st Leningrad Medical Institute. After graduation she worked first district doctor, then the doctor-pediatrician Maternity Hospital, taught children`s illnesses. Excellence in Health of the USSR.

Bonner have two children - a daughter, Tatiana (1950) and son Alex (1956). With their father, Ivan Vasilievich Semenov, divorced in 1965.

In 1965, after the XXII Congress of the Party, he joined the Communist Party (PhD 1964). However, after the events of 1968 considered its position incorrectly and in 1972 withdrew from the Party in connection with their beliefs.

In 1972, she married Sakharov. To represent him in 1975 at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo. Together with Sakharov was exiled to Gorky.

Since the active participation of Elena Bonner in human rights work she was subjected to multiple searches and seizures, it is often blackmailed. Daughter and son were expelled from universities, and in the late seventies were forced to emigrate. Bride son Alekseeva was denied permission to travel to it, which led to the first hunger strike spouses Sakharov in Gorky (22 November - 9 December 1981). The hunger strike was a success: E. Alexeyev was released in the United States.

Elena Bonner was printed in magazines "Neva", "Youth", in the "Literary Gazette" in the newspaper "Paramedic", participated in the collection "The actors, who died on the fronts of World War II", was one of the authors of the book "Vsevolod Bagritsky, diaries, letters, , poems".

In 1972 he withdrew from the CPSU (push began the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968). The founder of the Fund`s assistance to children of political prisoners (1974). One of the founders of the Moscow Helsinki Group. She actively opposed the judicial persecution of dissidents, disseminated information about the true causes of lawsuits.

In August 1984 recognized guilty under Article Gorky Regional Court. 190-1 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, "because it systematically disseminated orally false fabrications discrediting the Soviet state and social system, as well as manufacturing in written works of the same content." The verdict of the court was exiled for 5 years in Gorky.

Upon returning to Moscow In 1987, together with Andrei Sakharov is directly involved at the birth of associations and clubs as "Memorial", "Moscow Tribune", since 1997 is a member of the Initiative Group "Common Action" established democratic parties movement of the 60-70s and representatives of human rights organizations are active.

Elena Bonner Foundation manages them. Sakharov, a lot of time devoted to peacekeeping activities, aimed at ending the war in Chechnya. Chairman of the non-governmental international organization "Public Commission for perpetuating the memory of Andrei Sakharov - the Sakharov Foundation."

Elena G. was a member of the Human Rights Commission under the President of Russia with its foundation and up to December 28, 1994 resigned from the Commission, except for the ability to cooperate with the presidential administration, unleashed the Russian-Chechen war.

Elena Bonner - is one of the heroines of the documentary film "They chose freedom