Elena Blavatskay

Picture of Elena Blavatskay

Date of Birth: 08/12/1831

Age: 59

Place of birth: LOTS

Citizenship: Russia

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Born this amazing woman in Ekaterinoslavl (today Dnipropetrovsk) in a military family. Her mother, Yelena Andreyevna Hahn, Vissarion Belinsky called Russian George Sand. Extraordinary ability in Helena Jr. appeared almost from infancy, and only develop and strengthen over time.

"I do not know, - explained the future Radda Bai family, after the early death of his mother - that such a misfortune! Befit me some power, in America I took out of her. Not only that, around me all the knocks and rings, but things are moving, are rising to no avail and need ... And, moreover, intelligent manifestation expresses: in conversations knocks thwarted, questions answers and even thoughts guesses. Devilry some! "

"She was all woman weirdo, - underline psychologists. - Biographers attributed this hold of a child distinct deviations in the psyche. The girl, for example, often visited hallucinations, especially after the mother, entertained ladies garrison, was taken to call spirits, fell into agitation, topples to the floor and writhing in convulsions. Then they sent for a priest who prayed and accepted for the expulsion of the devil. "

Married sixteen (according to other sources, eighteen) Elena Gan married forty-two (sometimes written: the elderly!) Court counselor, the then vice-governor of Erivan Province Nikifor Blavatsky, who knew her parents. Early left without a mother, she did it, most likely, only at the insistence of relatives.

"I got engaged to avenge my governess, not thinking that I can not avoid the engagement, but what karma followed my mistake", - he explained his action itself Helena Petrovna.

Marriage a young Madame Blavatsky broke after a few months. Grandfather did not approve of the way, many of the aspirations and actions granddaughters, sent it to his father with a few accompanying. The road was long, and in one of the Black Sea ports traveler ... disappeared. As it turned out, in the hold of an English steamer ran away to Constantinople, where he enrolled in a circus rider. According to other sources, Elena became assistant magician, taught her many tricks, which then so useful to her future career. And then Elena`s grandfather received a letter from the famous bass Mitrovic. The artist called it "a new grandson" and said that he married Helena Petrovna, while his grandfather was well aware that with the former husband of nobody bred. So the question of disgust famous philosopher in the skirt to the "magnetism of sex" remains a controversial ...

There was Madame Blavatsky and son - an unfortunate hunchback named Yuri, who died in childhood.

"Madame Blavatsky, - says astrologer Alexander Rempel - insisted that George was her adopted son, and when she was fifty-four years, it is with the most sincere kind announced that it is still a virgin" .In the 60s of XIX century Blavatsky He appeared in Europe, becoming an employee of Hume - the famous spirit of the time. Along the way, he gave in London and Paris, piano concerts, and then settled choir conductor at the court of the Serbian king Milan. Her cousin Witte recalled:

"In all these twists and turns have passed, probably about ten years of her life, and finally, she begged permission to visit his grandfather in Tiflis Fadeev, promising to come together again with her real husband - Blavatsky (so Witte - Ed.).. And although I was then a boy, I remember her at the time, when she arrived in Tbilisi; She was an elderly woman, and not as a person, as a rough life. Her face was very expressive; it was evident that she was very beautiful before, but over time is extremely stout and went constantly in the hood, little doing their special, and therefore no appeal had. Here at this time it is almost brought to mind a part of the Tiflis society different seances, that she was doing in our house. "

However, seances and Theosophy has never been the main business of her life. Helena Petrovna did not shun any lessons - just to generate income.

Suddenly she showed up in Tiflis bass Mitrovic, who met in the street his runaway wife, gave her a huge scandal. Along with him, Elena had to leave the Caucasus. They first settled in Kiev, where the bass got an engagement at the opera, then moved to Odessa. Applying its commercial capacity, HPB opened the ink factory, and then store and artificial flowers, but both companies quickly burned. But here enterprising Mitrovic procured himself an engagement at the Italian opera in Cairo, where they are beloved sailed from Odessa. Their ship crashed and drowned Mitrovic. HPB was in Cairo, with no money and no support.

There are, however, references and a friend of her husband - a certain Michael Betaneli. This person princely origin, besides being younger than Helena Petrovna for seven years, did not stay by her side for a long time ...

In 1873 in the United States announced an amazing "Russian lady", endowed with phenomenal abilities. Charmed the audience was enough - at that time America embraced the craze for occultism ... Soon Madame Blavatsky received American citizenship. In 1875, along with another friend, Colonel Henry Steele Olcott, leaving his wife and three children, she founded the Theosophical Society, the dominant purpose of which was "the foundation of universal brotherhood, without distinction faiths, races, backgrounds."

Synthesized in his work "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine" philosophical and religious knowledge "of all time", Blavatsky easily operated information gleaned from libraries, for a long time buried in caves and dungeons. Europe was shocked. The woman - a Russian, without any scientific knowledge - and suddenly ... Or she wrote nonsense, or is not she written? However, Helena Petrovna itself has repeatedly stated that these works do not belong to her.

She claimed that in 1867 she managed to get into Tibet. For lake coat, in a completely unexplored area (the exact location is never specified) is alleged she were Mahatma (Master), from which she received information about a certain secret science. Those who did not believe in the existence of the Masters, sarcastically said that, perhaps even interested in such disbelief - because then it would look like the greatest sage of human civilization.

By the way, Olcott remembered that Helena Petrovna had four completely different handwriting, according to the illuminated issue. And viewed in the style of its striking discrepancy: some pages were written in excellent English, while others require many adjustments.

Critics have called it "scientific" works "big dish hash", "trash to the garbage," and the newspaper "New York Times" generally refused to criticize the work of Madame Blavatsky. Much more anxiety caused her accusations of plagiarism. Scientists found in the works of theosophist about 200 examples of word for word have been rewritten excerpts from the works of other authors and events pertaining to getting the secret societies and Masonic. In addition to the obvious inclination to the teachings of the East in "Isis Unveiled" detected an obvious aversion to the Christian church ...

Her efforts were rewarded on merit: Memphis Blavatsky was awarded a diploma and a ruby ??cross - certificate of higher estimation of knowledge in the field of masonry. Apparently, Elena Petrovna was being really difficult, not of this world. In her will, for example, began to fall from the ceiling rose, still covered with dew; who was walking around the room with a lighted lamp man disappear in front of astonished people, and the lamp was moving; at the request of the child she could get from behind the screen, where there was nothing, lamb on wheels ... Lessons learned it in the circus, the gift is not lost.

In 1884, Blavatsky decided to visit England. Watch the headquarters of the Theosophical Society requested a married couple - Emma and Alexis Kulem (in another translation - Colombes). Before his departure there was some sort of incident, which resulted in the trio quarreled with each other. After the mentor left for India, Emma Kulem resolute step went to the editor of a magazine. Soon it appeared in its pages without interest publications. They, according to A. Rempel, "containing excerpts from more than forty highly imprudent letters written by Madame Blavatsky and Mrs. Kulem cited as evidence of the dirty dealings of Madame Great Theosophist.

In addition, Emma said that Elena told her to build a doll wearing a turban, which had to be in the lunar night stand out of the house, all that would be perceived as a "manifestation of" Kut Humi (one of the Mahatma). Moreover, the letters flew from the ceiling, is not delivered to the astral-mail, but simply throwing them through a crack in the roof.

Moreover: London Society for Psychical Research has undertaken to make an examination of supernatural abilities of the founder of the Theosophical movement, and received all the same result: all its wonders - fraud, deception, sleight of hand!

Witte stressed:

"She had such a huge blue eyes, which I have no one in my life seen. And when she spoke the truth, those scary eyes sparkled, so I am not surprised that it had a huge impact on people. "

"Unveiled" Helena Blavatsky then went to Europe - and since then, her leg never again set foot on the land of his beloved India ...

During his scandalous revelations she met with his elder brother Sergei Solovyov Russian philosopher, writer Vsevolod Soloviev.

"In order to possess people, they must be cheating - advised him to Helena Petrovna. - I have long since realized Duschek these people and their stupidity sometimes gives me enormous pleasure ... The simpler, stupider and cruder phenomenon, so it is possible to more accurately. "

Soloviev called the woman "a fisher of souls" and ruthlessly exposed it in his book. As a result of his efforts ceased to exist the Paris branch of the Theosophical Society ...

Indefatigable Helena Blavatsky founded the Society of Spiritualists and declared itself a medium. This bold venture failed when the customers found in the house of a long glove, stuffed with cotton wool, which is used as a hand, "freed from the body of the flesh." "There is no religion higher than truth", - he claimed the medium, and then trampled its approval a new trick gullible.

Back in those days in Europe suspect that Blavatsky was a Russian spy. She did not have the money to start a prosecution against the lawsuit. And perhaps, too, desire? During his visit to Odessa in 1872, Blavatsky turned to the Chief of the Division III with a very interesting message:

"... I am well acquainted with the whole of Western Europe, with all the prominent personalities of different political powers, as a government, and the extreme left-hand side ... Catching spiritism, being branded in many places a strong leader ... I confess that three-quarters time spirits ... answered my own - for the success of my plans - the words and reasons. Rarely, very rarely failed me through the trap to learn from the people ... their hopes, plans and secrets ... I played all the roles, able to present yourself from any sort of person ... ".

To the credit of the leaders of compartment III, they have not accepted offers Great theosophy.

Helena Blavatsky died in May 1891, had been ill with influenza and is not short of three months before his sixtieth birthday. Following the tradition of her body burned ashes were divided into three parts, which are stored in India, New York and London.