Elaine Anderson

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Date of Birth: 08/01/1936

Age: 66

Place of birth: Salida

Citizenship: United States

on the fossil fauna of North America Expert

Elaine Anderson - American scientist, paleontologist. Best known for his work on vertebrate paleontology.

She was born Elaine Anderson in Salida, Colorado (Salida, Colorado), grew up in Denver, Colorado (Denver, Colorado). Elaine was the only child of John and Edith Anderson.

In 1960, Elaine graduated from the University of Colorado; in 1965, it has completed work on a master`s thesis. Working on his doctoral Anderson went to Finland (Finland), becoming the first Fulbright scholar in this country. Elaine was engaged under the Finnish paleontologist Bjorn Kurt (Bj & # 246; rn Kurt & # 233; n), one of the most famous and authoritative experts on prehistoric mammals.

After finishing work on his thesis Anderson returned to the United States. Soon she received a post of scientific adviser in the hall of the Pleistocene the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The exhibition, which worked Elaine Anderson, for more than 35 years; while it still remains one of the most popular around the museum. In due time this room was inspired by Jay Matternas (Jay Matternas), painted a famous picture with images of mammals of the Pleistocene of Alaska, later published by the National Geographic Society. Some (but relatively short) time, Elaine worked at the Museum of Natural History of Idaho; In addition, she was able to work at the Academy of Sciences of Maryland. Recent work by Anderson had to leave for personal reasons wing; she had to go back to Denver in order to take care of his mother fell ill.

After the death of his mother, Elaine Anderson stayed in the family home. Often it visited other scientists - paleontologists, mammalogy, and other naturalists. Elaine herself often visited Denver Museum of Nature and Science (formerly the Denver Museum of Natural History); in 1984, it even became a formal employee of the organization.

In 1994, Elaine was Dolj of research assistant; later she became an associate professor of biology at the University of Colorado.

Elaine Anderson died on March 26, 2002-th in Denver.

As a scientist, Elaine Anderson was most known for his study of fossil mammals and vertebrates. Of particular interest is Anderson fed to all sorts of carnivores and predators; for this fellow even awarded her the nickname `Hischnitsa`. Studies and surveys conducted by Elaine quite active; of all the work it caused the greatest public interest written back in 1980, in collaboration with the teacher and mentor Anderson, Bjorn Courtenay `Pleistocene Mammals of North America`. In knigebyl provided impressive in scale and quality of the analysis of different kinds of species of terrestrial mammals; In addition, there is contained a set of very useful pointers. To this day, this work is considered a standard reference book for anyone who is interested in the North American fauna of the Pleistocene.

From 1995 until his death, Elaine held the post of editorial in the journal `Mammalian Species`. Fascinated by Elaine and zooarheologiey; interesting that the work in this area, she began long before the term was even invented formally. We should also note the contribution that Elaine Anderson contributed to the conservation of mammals in North America. Anderson was a member of the American Quaternary Association - a group of scientists specializing in the study of the Quaternary period; Elaine and was an honorary member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.

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