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Date of birth: 15.01.1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Tallinn

Citizenship: Estonia


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Yekaterina Volkova was born in the capital, Tallinn, Estonia. From an early age the girl showed artistic abilities. Her aunt worked in a barber shop, and Kate was often in her work. There she entertained the audience: she sang, danced, recited poems. Looking at her, all told - to be an actress.

But Catherine herself seriously about acting profession began to think only in high school. When she finally made her choice, parents were skeptical. Firstly, in the college theater big competition, and secondly, they wanted to daughter chose a more secure profession.


Self-confidence helps to accomplish many things in life. Yekaterina Volkova was admitted to the famous drama school named MS Shchepkin. In 2003, she graduated from it. With Honours!

After graduation aspiring actress she joined the State Theatre of film actor. She played in the performances: "Exactly seven" L. Verneuil (Helen Larson), "Pieces of zakoulochkam" Grigory Oster (Fox), "Measure for Measure" by Shakespeare (Marianina Manor), "Dog in the Manger" by Lope de Vega (Anarda ), "Poor Pierrot" Campanile (Elizabeth), "All about Eve" by Mary Orr (Eva), "The Nutcracker and the mouse king" Hoffmann (mouse king).

The second education

The parents, seeing their daughter in demand in the profession, accepted the choice of his daughter. However, his father persuaded Catherine to get a second degree: it is very unstable profession of an actor, you are in demand today and tomorrow overboard. On the advice of parents Yekaterina Volkova in 2006 he graduated from the Academy of Budget and Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. This formation was useful to her. Releasing with colleagues in the theater play "Dog in the Manger," Yekaterina Volkova acted as producer.


Among the first works of Ekaterina Volkova on the screen were: peasant woman in the TV series "The adjutants of love", Nadia, younger sister Luba in the series "Luba, children and the plant ..." Larisa tragicomedy Karen Oganesyan "I`m staying," Elena in the TV series "Captain`s Children" .

In 2007, the actress starred in the film Paul Safronova "Agency Alibi". Her heroine was Alain - clever girl, an expert on psychology and simply beautiful. Alain creates an agency which helps people to avoid conflicts, creating them a compelling justification - an alibi.

Popularity Ekaterina Voronina came with the TV series "Voronin" in which she starred. She took out the actress is not easy. Catherine said: "Linked to this is the whole story. When, in October 2008, held a casting, I was told, as well as all - "thank you, goodbye - we`ll call you." For a week re-casting was carried out until the new year, and I have given up on it. I stated that I do not have age. I was so upset. I think, well, that`s the first time a positive role - a loving mother and wife. And then all play some role bitchiness - lawyers, lawyers, wives of oligarchs. But suddenly, in July 2009, I received a call and was told that a new casting is performed. That actress, which chose, for whatever reason, could not be removed. And now, while the six contenders chose me. Apparently, what should you get, still will not go away from you. "

Selection of the creators of the series proved infallible. Today it is almost impossible to imagine that Vera Voronin could play some other actress. Volkova heroine is charming, witty, and very patient. Well, some other woman is capable of withstanding the pressure of the family Voronin ?!

The actress, telling about the work on the show, said it has received a great experience, because until then it was not possible to participate in such long-term projects. "Here, I have to keep up in parallel a very, very busy. Sometimes I have to sleep for a few hours. But it is a very rewarding experience ", - she says.


Ekaterina Volkova few years meets the dancer Andrei Karpov. He is known to television audiences for the project "Dancing with the Stars." Catherine and Andrew introduced Daria Sagalova. As recognized by Eka Terina, first they just talked, and once it has received from Andrew SMS with an offer to come to individual dance lessons. Since then, the couple never parted. In summer 2010, Catherine and Andrew are planning a wedding.


2005 adjutants of love - series

2005-2006 Luba, children and the plant - series

2005-2010 Kulagin and partners - series

2006 I`m staying

Captain`s Children 2006 - series

2006-2007 Love as love - series

2006-2007 Who`s the Boss? - TV series

2007 Agency Alibi

2007 Women`s History

2008 Crazy Angel - series

2008 verdict

2008 Christmas ambush

2008 Montecristo - series

2009 Voronin - series

2009 Reflections

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