Egor Vodopianov

Picture of Egor Vodopianov

Date of Birth: 09/18/1919

Age: 97

Citizenship: Russia


Vodop`yanov Egor Ivanovich was born on September 18, 1919. He lived a long, full life. His service began in September 1939 with a basic training in the Pskov region. Study it barely had time to finish, like the Soviet-Finnish war. At this time, Egor Ivanovich has served on the frontier in Ukhta. During the service in the small border guard (20-30 people), he took part in the clashes with the Finnish soldiers. We have been in his life and difficult fights with the Finnish snipers.

After the Soviet-Finnish War, 12 March 1940, Egor Ivanovich no service or its frontier did not leave. In general, then, in the period between the two wars, the service was quite peaceful. Although sometimes happened to go to raids on Finnish territory, the peaceful Finnish population to the Red Army soldiers were treated unkindly. No special hardships of their life period, Yegor Ivanovich remembers. Providing power to the outpost and were good, and the service itself liked him.

World War II began for Yegor Ivanovich June 28th. Soldiers Gate number 30 people have taken the fight against the enemies of the battalion, the Germans and Finns. It is interesting that, despite the many rumors and eyewitnesses that the war with the Germans schitalasneizbezhnoy, Yegor Ivanovich such a feeling the summer of 1941 was absolutely not. On the border does not feel any tension - a week before the war, it was regular border guards, and a few days later, already advanced the front line. In the very first days of the war contribution of border guards in case the impending victory has been enormous. Compared with the soldiers of the regular army, who knew about the war only from the experience of the exercises, the guards, already had behind him the experience of the Finnish War, belonged to what is happening much more adequately and professionally.

Border guards and Soviet troops stopped the regular units of the enemy who was trying to break through to Archangel and the White Sea. It was not possible to German troops, the enemy was stopped in the area of ??settlements Kestenga, in the battle of who was involved and Yegor Ivanovich Vodop`yanov. In this, the most northern part of the front, Yegor Ivanovich spent most of the war. In addition, he participated in the final battle for Leningrad, his regiment was in Pitkyaranta, then Lahdenpohja, Sortavala, Olonets. May 1945 found the soldier on the same pogranzastvae as the summer of 1941.

Military service Yegor Ivanovich did not leave after the war, though, of course, it was a completely different service.