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Almond (Almond) Edward Mallory (12/12/1892, chests, Virginia -06.11.1979, Anniston, Alabama) is an American military leader, Lt. Gen. (Feb. 1951).

He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute (1915) . In November 1916 he joined the infantry. Since June 1918, part of the 4th Division, involved in military operations in France ; Major (October. 1918). In 1919- 1923 he taught military science at Marionskom Institute in Alabama, then taught at the Infantry w

1942 assistant commander of the 93rd Infantry Division (Arizona) . A. In July 1942 appointed commander of the 92 th (Negro) division, led by its formation and preparation in training camps in Alabama and Arizona. From August. 1944 his division took part in the hostilities in Italy. In April. It was formed in 1945

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