Eduards Volters

Picture of Eduards Volters

Date of Birth: 03/18/1856

Age: 85

Place of birth: Agenskalns


The son of a Latvian pastor. After graduating from the Riga provincial high school (1875), in 1875-1877 he studied at the University of Leipzig, then at the University of Dorpat (1877-1880), since 1880, first in Moscow, then the University of Kharkov. Got in Kharkov Russian literature master`s degree for his thesis "Researches on the grammatical gender."

In 1885-1918 he taught at St. Petersburg University. It was censor Lithuanian publications (1904-1917) and contributed to the exit of many Lithuanian books. Pranas patronize Vaychaytisa, Kazimieras Buga and other Lithuanian students. Since 1907 was a member of the Lithuanian scientific community and society in the years 1908-1915 the library in Vilnius presented knig.V 1337 1918 moved to Lithuania, and in 1919 became head of the Central Library of Lithuania in Vilnius. Once in April 1919 the city was occupied Polish part, I went with his family in Kaunas. In 1919-1922 he was director of the Central Library of Lithuania in Kaunas.

In 1919 he was a member of the commission for the establishment of the Lithuanian higher education. He was the head of the humanitarian department of the Higher Courses in Kaunas, on the basis of which the Lithuanian University was established later (1920-1922). In the years 1922-1933 the Lithuanian University professor (since 1930 bore the name of Vytautas the Great) and also director of the Kaunas City Museum.

The scientific activity

With the support of the Russian Geographical Society was collecting ethnographic in Lithuania in 1884-1887, respectively, dialectological, folklore materials, and together with his assistants wrote about 300 songs, a thousand tales, two thousand specimens of small folklore genres. He prepared and issued in 1886 a program of collecting folklore, ethnographic, dialectological materials in Lithuania. In 1888-1889 years collecting information about archaeological sites of southern part of Lithuania and conducted archaeological excavations.

To prepare a new edition of the "Catechism" Mikalojus Daukshi (1886), which includes fragments of ancient manuscripts of the Lithuanian, dictionary, examples of Lithuanian folklore. Together with FF Fortunatov prepared publication "Postill" Daukshi (three issues, 1904-1927).

Compiled by "an anthology of Lithuania" (1901-1904, part 2), which includes excerpts from works Kristijonas Donelaitis, Daukanto, Vincas Kudirka, Julia Zemaite, Petras Arminas-Trupinelisa, Latvian and Prussian monuments languages, samples of Lithuanian dialect and folklore.

He has published in Russian a number of ethnographic essays about Lithuania, Zhmud, Suwalki and Vitebsk provinces, as well as articles on the dialects of Vilnius region, lituanizmah in the Old Belarusian language, Lithuanian writers XVI-XIX centuries.

In the years 1908-1909 recorded on wax cylinders Lithuanian folk music (the first record of this kind).

Author of articles on the Latvian and Lithuanian folklore and mythology in the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary.