Eduardo Noriega

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Date of Birth: 08/01/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Santander

Citizenship: Spain


Eduardo Noriega was born on August 1, 1973 in the Spanish town of Santander (Cantabria autonomous capital). Unfortunately, his parents had died.

Eduardo was the youngest of six brothers and, at the same time, the most stand out among them. His first passion was music, and within 5 years he studied solfege, harmony and playing the piano at the conservatory of his native city. It happened that he accidentally became interested in theater and, suddenly leaving career as a musician, he went to Madrid to try his hand in this field. Eduardo enrolled in the School of Dramatic Art. There he became acquainted with the likes of Carlos Montero, Alejandro Amenabar and Mateo Gil.

In 1994, Eduardo made his debut in a feature film. It bylamalenkaya role in the film "Stories Kronen". But in the small role he could not draw attention to themselves.

In 1996, the success of his role in the film by Alejandro Amenabar, and this film in different countries, is known under different names - in Russia "Snuff" / Snuff /, in America - "Thesis" / Thesis /, yet this film is known as the "16 mm "Do we have the film was shown on television and released on video studio" Polygon ". Moreover, it is interesting that the film was repeatedly reissued five years after having been created. This film raises the issue of the mysterious and terrible "snuff" - porn, coupled with real murders, which attracted the attention of critics and audiences. Eduardo Noriega great role spravilsyas Bosco - the main character. This role is the first step in his career.

Following his prominent role was in the film again Amenabar, "Open your eyes" / Open Your Eyes / 1997, for which he was nominated for the Spanish Goya film award "Best Actor". His partner in the film became Penelope Cruz.

Since then, Noriega did not leave the company of the central characters of the Hispanic film - he starred in Guillermo del Toro in the film "Nobody knows anybody", "Spine of the Devil" / The Devil `s Backbone /, in the Argentine film" Burnt Money "/ Burnt Money /, which enjoyed great success in Argentina and won the Goya "for best foreign Spanish-language film."

In ordinary life, Noriega ordinary European "art-house" people. Noriega likes directors like Kubrick, Kustruritsa, Amenabar and Almodovar. Because he likes actors Ewan McGregor and Juliette Binoche. He likes to go to the movies, to drive in football, and listening at full volume, "Led Zeppelin" and "Rolling Stones".

As for his personal life, it is not very turbulent - a couple of years was Anna girlfriend Eduardo Alvarez, who in 1998 co-starred with him in the film "Cha Cha" / Cha-Cha-Cha /. Then he had a romance with Leticia Bredis and Elsa Pataky ( "The Art of Dying"). Although precise data on how these stories were real or not, no, but it is known only that Eduardo Noriega likes to act in films and he manages to do it very well.

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