Edson Izidoro Guimaraes

Picture of Edson Izidoro Guimaraes

Age: 58

Citizenship: Brazil

Killer irreversibly ill patients

Isidoro Guimaraes Edson (Edson Isidoro Guimar & # 227; es) - Brazilian nurse born in 1957, as a convicted serial killer. He confessed to five murders and was found guilty of four, but it is suspected that a total of Guimaraes sent to the light 131 people. He argued that the move was a pity they force - say, Guimaraes chose those patients whose health condition was irreversible, and who suffered from unbearable pain.

Guimaraes medical brother worked in the hospital Salgado Filho Hospital near Meyer (M & # 233; ier) former Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). He was caught in 1999, when the hospital corpsman saw Guimaraes filled syringe of potassium chloride injection and did comatose patient, who immediately died. The police found out that the mortality charges Edson Isidoro Guimaraes was much higher than the average, which strengthened the suspicions against the compassionate nurse. When arrested, he confessed to five murders. Before the trial Gimaraeshzayavil TV reporters, he did not regret what he did, as all his victims had no chance of improvement, and their families have suffered.

He was convicted Feb. 21, 2000 for the murder of four patients and sentenced to 76 years in prison. It is expected that up to 131 Guimaraes killed his patient in just four months, from January 1 to May 4, 1999. He told journalists that took away people`s oxygen masks, and that is what happened to the five patients, whom he chose, seeing their suffering. As a rule, these were patients with end-stage AIDS. It does not guilty conscience, because patients are in a coma, and there was not a single chance of their recovery.

One of the possible motives for the murder is considered that Guimaraes paid $ 60 for that he informed the local funeral homes to death of the patient, so that they can contact dead relatives and offer them their services. Perhaps he began to do so in such a way to earn extra money, and then just lost control.