Edouard Balladur

Picture of Edouard Balladur

Date of Birth: 05/02/1929

Age: 87

Place of birth: Smyrna

Citizenship: France


Balladur family comes from West-bankers who took French citizenship.

Personal characteristics

Balladur quite calm and balanced person. Family-Oriented. About himself, he once said: "Oh, you`ll be disappointed, dear readers. I have not done anything interesting, I do not do any one sport, I do not go well, committed to cocktails and most prefer to sit at home and read, read, and read. " As a child, I was rather sickly child, but was able to overcome many difficulties.


Lyceum in Marseille

School of Political Sciences, Paris

National School of Administration, Paris

Political career

Political career began in 1963 when Balladur began working in the Gaullist Rally for the Republic. Until 1974, the Chief Secretary under President Georges Pompidou of France. He became the author of the Grenelle accords that ended the legendary riots in 1968. In 1986-1988 was finance minister in the government of Jacques Chirac and his political ally in the party "Rally for the Republic." He headed the last government under the President of the Republic, Francois Mitterrand: he served as Prime Minister of France from 1993 to 1995.

Economic Views Balladur more liberal views than Chirac.

In 1995, he announced his candidacy for the presidential elections in the country, initially outstripped by Chirac`s popularity, but eventually gave him slightly (not passed the second round). The rivalry between the two candidates from the same party sharpened ihotnosheniya. After the victory in the second round, and the inauguration was replaced by Chirac Alain Juppe. There was a special faction of politicians, t. N. balladyuriantsy hostile and Socialists and Chirac; it belonged at the time, by the way, and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Balladur, however, did not leave politics. He gets the mandate of the deputy of the National Assembly of the voters on the basis of how the early parliamentary elections of 1997, and the next - in 2002. In 1997-2002. Balladur committee headed by Foreign Affairs of the lower house of Parliament, entering the group of the Union for a Popular Movement. He put forward his candidature for the post of Chairman of the National Assembly, but lost to Jean-Louis Debre.

Balladur was a member from 1995 to 2001, the General Council of Paris. In 1998 he was a member of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France.

The Chairman of the Committee on the study and make proposals on balance modernization and rehabilitation institutions of the Republic of V

July 18, 2007 Edouard Balladur was appointed President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, the chairman of the Committee to study and make proposals for the modernization and rebalancing of the institutions of the Republic of V, has received in the press called "Balladur Committee." October 29, 2007 a group of experts presented a report, which contained 77 proposals for the reform of the institutions of power V Republic. In contrast to the proposals of the Consultative Constitutional Committee headed by Zh.Vedelem established Mitterrand in 1993, this work has not gone in vain, and formed the basis of the constitutional reform, which took place July 23, 2008 - the most ambitious since the founding of the Fifth Republic in 1958 of its main outcome was the substantial softening of hard and fast rules "rationalized parliamentarism": The bill will be considered by Parliament in the wording approved by the Commission, the number of which increased from 6 to 8; set the minimum term of consideration of the texts by the Parliament (6 weeks in the ward, and 4 - in three times), the legislative competence of the Parliament extended (in Article 34 include issues of "freedom, pluralism and independence of the media), the article" 49-3 "may be used only in relation to the laws on the state budget and the law on the financing of social security, the French parliament is able to adopt resolutions which are of a recommendatory nature, and at the same time, now it is mandatory approval shall be sending military contingents and the extension of military operations for a period of more than four months. etc. It is worth noting that the Committee considered the restriction of two terms of office of the Head of State "unhelpful and premature." However, at the urging of Sarkozy in the approved then the project included a rule that no one can exercise more than two consecutive mandates "

Chairman of the Committee on reforming the territorial groups

October 22, 2008 Edouard Balladur was entrusted with a new mission - to lead the Committee to reform the territorial collectives responsible, as pointed out by Nicolas Sarkozy, for "the study of measures that can simplify the structure of the regional groups, to make a clear division of responsibilities between them and allow them to make more understandable financing". Report of the Committee entitled "act immediately" lay down on the table, the Head of State March 1, 2009 A bill aiming at a large-scale reform of the territorial unit from the time of the introduction of "decentralization" in the governance of the country, in particular, provides for the replacement of elected representatives of the General Council (department) and members of the Regional councils (region) a single category of "territorial advisors", was introduced in Parliament October 29, 2009 As expected, the final draft on the basis of the recommendations "of the Committee Balladur" will be approved by the Council of Ministers and submitted to Parliament in mid-September 2009

Ideas and Projects

Balladur in the early 1990s moved the project to create a union of democracies. Then in 1994 he proposed to transform the European Union into a three-tiered organization with a core of five prointegratsionno minded states, second round of the other EU Member States and the third circle of countries that have embarked on the path of EU accession. In principle, in practice the level of authority of the country were distributed in this way. In late 2007, Balladur published his book "On the Western Union Europe and the United States." According to his idea, the European Union and the United States should unite in a single union with a permanent secretariat, meetings with leaders of the countries. The purpose of the union - the creation of a single transatlantic market, the implementation of a common energy policy and security.


Grand Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor

Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit