Ed Gein

Picture of Ed Gein

Date of Birth: 08/27/1906

Age: 77

Place of Birth: La Crosse

Citizenship: United States

`Strange old Eddi`

The police found in the house of Ed`s body parts in 1957, and he confessed to the murder of two women: the owner of the tavern, Mary Hogan (Mary Hogan) in 1954 and hostess shop hardware products Bernice Worden (Bernice Worden) in 1957.

In fact, at least three murders proved Gein did not fall under the definition of a standard serial. However, it is unique in its perversity case escalated to the birth of several fictional serial killers, including Norman Bates from the movie `Psiho` (` Psycho`), `Leather litsa` of the franchise` Texas slaughter benzopiloy` ( `The Texas Chainsaw Massacre`) and Buffalo Bill from the film `Silence yagnyat` (` the Silence of the Lambs`).

Edward Theodore Gein `Ed` (Edward Theodore` Ed` Gein) born August 27, 1906 in La Crosse County, Wisconsin (La Crosse County, Wisconsin). His parents, alcoholic George (George) and pious Augusta Gein (Augusta Gein), had another son, Henry George Hein (Henry George Gein). August deeply despised her husband, but formally remained with him to the marriage because of religious beliefs. She worked in a small grocery store until he bought a farm on the outskirts of the small town of Plainfield, where he began to live her entire family.

Lutheran August moved into the wilderness, to `uberech` children from the corrupting influence of the world, causing the boys to work up a sweat on the farm. Fanatical mother assured the children that the world is drowning in debauchery, and all the women, except herself, were prostitutes and tools of the devil. Every day she read Edward and Henry passages from the Bible, kakpravilo, focusing on verses from the Old Testament, where it was about death, murder and divine retribution.

A shy, effeminate boy, Ed quickly became the target of bullies. Classmates and teachers noticed how at times he suddenly began to laugh, that deterred others from communicating with them. To make matters worse, his mother punished him when he was trying to make friends. And yet, in spite of the asocial, Gein fairly well studied, especially succeeded in reading. He tried his best to bring happiness to his mother, but she still was convinced that Ed in the footsteps of his alcoholic father.

In 1940 George Gein died of a heart attack; his sons odd jobs to feed their families. Both brothers have the reputation of honest and reliable members of the community, so that Ed sometimes trusted to babysit neighborhood kids.

Unlike his mother idolized Ed Henry several times openly criticized her fanatical attitude. And after such attacks May 16, 1994 th Henry died under mysterious circumstances on extinguishing the fire, which also participated Ed. The police, who are interested in bruises on the head of Henry, as well as a number of other suspicious strange, yet did not consider the version of the murder. It could be that Henry was killed by his brother.

Edward and Augustus lived on the farm together until December 29, 1945 the first mother died after a stroke series. Prior to her death, he took care of bedridden Augusta, which is even called him a loser islabakom. And yet, according to biographer Harold Schechter, `Ed lost his only friend and one true lyubov`.

Left one on one with him, Gagne has not left the farm, leaving all things maternal intact, became interested in the cult of death, read books on anatomy, of Nazi atrocities, exhuming and loved obituaries section.

Very soon, Ed began to realize the unhealthy fantasy.

November 16, 1957 th Bernice Worden disappeared (Bernice Worden), and the police quickly suspected Gein. Son Worden said that Gein was in the shop of her mother before her disappearance, saying that he would return the next morning to buy a gallon of antifreeze. Cash receipt with a broken anti-freeze was the last; during the search the police found Edward`s possessions mutilated body in the barn, which initially took the sheriff for the carcass of the deer. Worden was shot th rifle caliber 22, after which Ed gutted it.

The house Gein authorities found four human nose, bone fragments, nine masks made of human skin, human skulls of the bowl; chairs upholstered in human skin; the head of Mary Hogan (Mary Hogan) in a paper bag, the head of Bernice Worden in jute sacks, nine vulva in a shoe box, a belt of nipples and a lampshade made of leather with a human face. Moreover, his fridge was full of human organs. It turned out that Edward was excavated from the graves of middle-aged women`s body reminds him of his mother. All these horrible findings were subsequently disposed of properly.

Between 1947 and 1952 Gein sovershil40 night raids on three local cemetery, where, in a state of shock exhumed recently buried the body. He said that in 30 cases returned from the cemetery with nothing, because time to recover. Body Snatchers admitted that after the death of his mother wanted to change sex - and began to make and wear `women kostyumy` of corpses, calling it` crazy ritual transvestita`. He denied that he had sex with corpses, explaining that from them too much stink.

First arrested Gein was sent to the Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane (Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane), and then in Mendota State Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin (Mendota State Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin).

In 1968, doctors found that Ed is quite sane to stand trial, and 14 November 1968, the trial began.

Gein was convicted of first-degree murder, but instead of prison legally insane defendant went to a psychiatric hospital until the end of life.

During the trial, Gein house burned to the ground. Suspected Pojoga. The offender, having learned about the incident, shrugged and said, `Well, and nado`.

Ed died on July 26, 1984-the first in Madison from respiratory and heart failure provoked cancer. His burial place in the cemetery Plainfield for years attracted vandals.

Car Gein, `Car ghoul Ed Geyna`, which he used for the transport of the victims, was sold at public auction for $ 760 (adjusted for inflation, for $ 5773).