Earl Browder

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Date of Birth: 05/20/1891

Age: 82

Place of birth: Connecticut

Citizenship: United States


Earl Browder was born in Connecticut in 1891. Today it is known as the US leader of the communist movement in the forties. He was the son of an employee. Despite the fact that he did not receive a good secular education, Browder spoke easily about serious political issues. In 1906-1912 he was a member of the Socialist Party. In Browder he opposed US participation in it during the First World War. In many ways, precisely because of these statements Earl was arrested and the period from 1919 to 1920. I spent in prison. In 1920 he joined the Communist Party, USA.

Earl quite successfully moving up the career ladder, so already v1930, he was elected general secretary of the CPUSA. At the same time in 1935 he was included in the number of members of the ECCI. Despite his communist beliefs, he was very popular in the country. During his leadership of the Communist Party, the total number of entered into it reached 100 thousand. Man. In 1940 he was again arrested by the authorities and sentenced to four years in prison, but was released after a year. At the beginning of the 1940s. Earl came up with the theory of "class peace" and "class collaboration", for which he immediately began to be exposed to all kinds of attacks and constant criticism from the Soviet Union and its supporters in the world. In their speeches, Browder spoke about the progressive nature of capitalism in the United States, an American exclusive role in its development, and made a proposal to dissolve the CPUSA and instead create educational Communist political association. In May 1944 at the XII Congress of the CPUSA it adopted a resolution Earl Browder to dissolve the party. Browder first described the New Deal as a manifestation of fascism, but then followed the policy of the creation of the Popular Front and support the President`s policies, although with constant demands for a greater radicalization. By the end of World War II Browder, seeing the growing tension between SShAi the USSR, he was parted from the Soviet Union, offering the same year the idea of ??peaceful coexistence between communism and capitalism. Position Browder received later the name brauderizm. But such Browder political position - "neither yours nor ours" - many did not suit .. In 1946, Browder was expelled from the CPUSA. In 1949 in Budapest and Prague have been lawsuits Browder supporters in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

It is worth adding that in 2003, a book by David Sutter`s "Love and hate" the kings of policy and business in Russia, "in which he talks about the many sharks business in our country and abroad, as well as the history of the great Earl Browder.

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