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Place of birth : Baltimore, United States

Citizenship : United States


It is known that in the city of Baltimore (MD) has at least one fabulous place. On thousands of acres of land, visitors are surprised bizarre shapes of trees and the few buildings located Druid Hill Park. In its forests, by giving the old, since time immemorial lived little people, men who called themselves druids. .. It is possible that after Eve sinned, and we all descended from apes ,Druids scared loggers or hunters. But that is another story...

In our time, as I have already noted, this enchanted territory was within the boundaries of Baltimore and became a favorite place for recreation for children and their parents. Children grow up, umnel ,revealed a new talent and at one point decided to perpetuate such a sacred place in the title of his vocal group. So, ladies and gentlemen, we have the honor to present to you the sensation of rhythm and blues of the last two years - vocal quartet DRU HILL. Meet Dzheza, Nokio, Woody and Siskvo. Now you will learn, if not all ,the more of these talented guys. Nokio (Nokio, which stands as Nasty On Key In Octave) was born under the name of Tamir Ruffin (Tamir Ruffin) January 21, 1980 and, as you`ve probably noticed, it turned out to be the youngest in the DRU HILL. Nokio have a lot of talent. Fans of the group to thank him for his deeply emotional lyrics DRU HILL. In Nokio pleasant youthful baritone. He also collects pieces of the band`s songs and professionally plays the trumpet and piano. It is called the mood DRU HILL.He has the most serious intentions in the near future to study all the wisdom of the music business and become a producer of children. Under his nickname Nokio Dru Sexy. Dzhez (Jazz) was born under the name Larry Anthony Jr. (Larry Anthony Jr.) March 23, 1979 and, of course, loves jazz. He has a beautiful voice ,but he prefers to sing and plays the trumpet, keyboards and other participants on the nerves DRU HILL, especially when out of tune. When Dzhez studied at the prestigious Academy of Music "Frederick Douglas Music Academy", he was a member of one of the concert troupe and studied classical music, gospel and opera. Love of jazz improvisation passed to him from his parents and gospel music, he inevitably became interested in the church school. So what can be 100 percent sure that all the most tender and romantic composition of the group come from his pen ; among other things, he is also a big fan of the blues. The group called Jazz Dru Daddy.Siskvo (Sisqo) was born on November 9, 1978. His real name is Mark Andrews (Mark Andrews), and he is 13 years of singing in a gospel choir and listened to the same music exclusively. When he got tired, there was a change - he became interested in pop music and became omnivorous (from Mozart to rock and roll with hip-hop) . Siskvo very good dancing and singing ,and he often rely on main vocals (though in the soul and rhythm and blues more often sung a cappella) . He also plays keyboards and bass. The DRU HILL called Sisqu Dru Nasty. Woody (Woody) was born September 10, 1977 under the name of James Green (James Green), and for some reason, identified himself as the last woodpecker. Unlike Nokio ,which tends more towards the text and completes the recording and mixing process, Woody engaged melody. His element - keyboards and percussion. He spirituality DRU HILL, and the guys are often called him his angel. Woody fuels remaining energy. And the position of the older he is the most responsible among them for life, too. Once he went to congratulate his ex-girlfriend with a Valentine`s Day, when she was alone at home. Congratulated as expected, they are relaxed, this and that. Suddenly heard voices outside the door begins to turn a doorknob. Parents, therefore. Woody without hesitation climbed up into the attic and hid. All the piquancy of the situation lay in his clothes far too small and that this evening DRU HILL were to appear on the radio, as well as the fact that the father of his girlfriend was a big gun. After sitting for a few hours late for an important event, Woody began to seek a way out, and he had to jump from the roof of the house is quite high. There were bruises and abrasions, but the taxi he had a hair `s breadth. The DRU HILL his name is Woody Dru Naughty. The first name of their group LEGACY was very in tune with their idols Jodeci, and it was changed to DRU HILL.The quartet of four high school students and more friends (if not brothers) for a few years almost gave free concerts at churches and soon turned into a summer fair visitors favorites "Inner HarborTs Fudgery", held annually in Baltimore. So the guys opened the way to a contract with Island Records / University Music Entertainment. Labels are very impressed by the fact that each of them knew how to compose songs and play several instruments. The debut single DRU HILL "Tell Me" appeared in 1996 and has been declared in the picture soundtrack Whoopi Goldberg "Eddie".No studio musicians they are not attracted to - all by yourself. Once released a remix of their single "In My Bed" in the past year (with Jermaine Dupri and Da Brett) for the soundtrack to the same film, the boys finally came the long-awaited world-wide success. They made a series of remixes for Foxy Brown and recorded with her "Big Bad Momma" for the soundtrack to the movie "How To Be A Player". Then they noticed Mariah Carey, and they made her a cover Prince composition "Beautiful Ones" to "Butterfly" album. Next - collaboration with Babyface (soundtrack "Soul Food") and first album with big producers.We can say that it is not for nothing that these young men were heard Stevie Wonder, BOYZ II MEN and Michael Jackson. Now we can confidently call their inheritors of these great musicians. Stylistically the songs vary, great harmony, pure naive songs about youth and love - these are the main trump cards, find themselves in the hands of DRU HILL.Their new album "Enter The Dru", released in late October, he has already managed to prove that the DRU HILL - is a long time, and the single "How Deep Is Your Love" (with Redmenom) is no worse than the eponymous masterpiece BEE GEES. Yes, you probably already I have heard about them.

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