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The nameless hero of war with the demons

The early games in the series `Doom` could not boast a particularly vivid story - which, however, did not prevent them to become a milestone in the history of the genre. The protagonist of these games ,and remaining anonymous, it has also become one of the symbols of the era ; later, additional sources, he received a much more extensive disclosure.

` Man of Doom` (Doomguy) - a fictional character, a Marine, the protagonist of computer games ` Doom` series.Special propisanie no different - over the original games is not even mentioned his name.

According to John Romero (John Romero), one of the creators of the original series of the game, a nameless protagonist of `Doom` remained no accident - it was planned in such a way to simplify the immersion in the game ,allow yourself to feel yourself in the place of the character. The box with the first part of the hero of the game depicted a muscular man dressed in green armor and light gray helmet astronaut ; face on this image is not visible. In the hands of the hero was a machine gun, from which he had shot one of the monsters game - Baron of Hell. On the opening screen of the game character is depicted with a gun and has an open face ; exactly the same person was used as a gaming avatar, at the same time fulfilling certain interface functions. As can be seen in this image, nameless soldiers - short-cut brown hair with blue eyes. Again, without a helmet hero appears on the cover of `Doom II` and the end of the 4th episode of ` The Ultimated Doom`, `Thy Flesh Consumed`.

A special emotion for the classic games of the series and the hero is no different ; the horrors taking place around him did not touch - the face of the hero is constantly focused,and his eyes carefully examine what is happening around. On receipt of an infantryman damage reacts grimace of pain and anger ; Point bonuses, in contrast, clearly improve his mood - getting a new weapon, a hero rather grins. Perhaps the most vivid emotion - a wild shock - on the face of the soldier is shown when he at once gets more than 20 points of damage. The outline for the game states that a basic prototype served as the hero character, originally non-fiction. Dakout Buddy (Buddy Dacote), from which the hero created, did not even have to go through the first episode of the game - in fact, his name is an acronym for the phrase ` dies at the end of this epizoda`. The moment in which Dakout was initially lost,He stayed in the game, but the main character is going through it successfully. The `Wolfenstein RPG` alludes to the fact that the hero has to Blazhkovich descendant William (William` B.J.` Blazkowicz), the main character `Wolfenstein` games. Defeated in the late `Wolfenstein RPG` demon Harbinger of Doom (Harbinger of Doom) says the hero ,that he would return and fight with his descendants in the future; This is a clear allusion to the Cyberdemon (Cyberdemon) of `Doom` - to which Harbinger is clearly very similar. The materials `Doom II RPG` mentioned one Blazhkovich Stan, a descendant of William ; however, it is separate from the Marines character. The `Doom 3` main character similar to its predecessor, however, differences in their appearance lacking. Firstly, a new character - a brunette, not brown ; secondly, his musculature looks much more realistic and less exaggerated. Past it is still a mystery ; in this same geoya sent to Mars base,the replacement of the missing mysterious member of the team. During the game the hero is given the opportunity to talk with some of the characters, but they call it ` exclusively marine pehotinets` ; remarks by the hero himself in these conversations there. In general, the hero of his impressive composure - even at the most horrible monsters he reacted quite calmly.

The books on the original games `Doom` main character becomes more and storyteller - and receives a name and the person `s biography. Corporal Flynn Taggart (Flynn `Fly` Taggart) is listed in the Marine Corps ,pretty smart - although formal education and is not - and has exceptional talents mechanics. Grown in the spirit of the Catholic faith, he was not particularly religious, but believes in the existence of God. As the story Taggart repeatedly demonstrates quite sarcastic character and a peculiar sense of humor - that does not prevent him to behave in critical situations it is collected and adequately. Arrested for assaulting a superior officer, Flynn will of fate becomes one of the few survivors of the first breakthrough of evil ; first aloneand later - with his friend and colleague Arlene Sanders (Arlene Sanders). books The plot unfolds in a sci-fi scenery and mystical satanic - color original is no different.

In books on `Doom 3` main character becomes a Marine John Kane (John Kane) - as Taggart ,falling under arrest for disobeying a direct order. After the invasion of demons, Kane unwittingly assumes command of the surviving soldiers ; he has actively fight the demons either alone or as part of team.

The `Doom 3 : Resurrection of Evil` hero becomes another unnamed Marine ; his image, however ,markedly different from the images of the predecessors - now it is more anti-hero, receiving a lot of pleasure from the use of deadly infernal artifact.

`Doom` screen adaptation was released in the 2005th ; the main character, John ` Demona` Grimm (John` Reaper` Grimm) played Karl Urban (Karl Urban). In the story, Grimm - son of scientists,killed during excavations on Mars. Leave a science, John comes into the ranks of the Marine Corps, in order to forget about personal tragedy. In the end, Carl and his team have to go to Mars, which mysteriously disappear a few scientists. As the story the hero has to fight with the demon-like creatures - humans ,artificially modified by introducing ` 24th hromosomy`. The same chromosome in the course of the story gets himself Grimm ; It gives him an injection of superhuman abilities, allowing to defeat a small army of monsters and his former officer. In the end, John Grimm is possible not only to survive the incident ,but successfully off base with her sister. Initially it was assumed that the film - in the case of a successful hire - can be continued ; This, however, did not happen.

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