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BiographyThen they were joined by guitarist Patrick Simmons (b. October 19, 1948, Aberdeen, United States) , and six months later the band changed its name to "Doobie brother" (as in the slang was called jamb with marijuana) .

This US group was founded in March 1970 in San Jose (California) , Tom Johnston (born August 15, 1948, Visalia, United States. ;guitar) and John Hartman (born March 18, 1950, Fall Church, USA. drums). In the first part of the team, then bore the name of "Pud", entered another bassist Greg Murphy. But he did not last long and was replaced by Dave Shogrenom (b. San Francisco, USA, in. 2000, San Jose, USA) . Then they were joined by guitarist Patrick Simmons (b. October 19, 1948, Aberdeen ,USA) and the group changed its name to "Doobie brother" (as in the slang was called jamb with marijuana) after six months. Their debut album in 1971, although it has been promising, but had a more subdued sound, contrasted with the hard "live" sound team, and suffered a commercial failure.The sessions of the second disk "Toulouse Street" has played a new bassist Tiran Porter and second drummer, Michael Hossak (b. October 17, 1946, Paterson, United States) . The album was accompanied by incendiary single "Listen To The Music". "Toulouse Street" was already much better than its predecessor, although the presence of two guitars and two drummers chem-it was like "Allman Brothers Band".

The third album, "The Captain And Me", contains two songs, "Long Train Running" and "China Grove", got vamerikanskie charts and became the permanent attributes of radio programs. The next disc, "What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits" turned out to be largely disappointing album ,although it contained a little thing, "Black Water", for some time to head shtatovskih charts. But, nevertheless, from that moment on, the popularity of "Doobie brothers" began to slowly grow as the public came to taste harmonious and at the same time sufficiently rigid rhythm and blues, the executable command.Soon Hossak was replaced by Keith Knudsen (b. February 18, 1948, Lemars, USA) . And on the album " the Stampede " also played the ex - guitarist of "Steely Dan" Jeff " Skunk " Baxter (b. December 13, 1948, Washington, DC) . In April 1975, a "Doobie brothers" was joined by his former colleague, Michael MacDonald, (born December 2, 1952, St. Louis, USA. Keyboards, vocals) and Johnston was forced to leave because he was diagnosed with an ulcer. Although in 1976 the guitarist was reunited with his team, but two years later moved into a solo career, which began with the release in 1979, "Everything You`ve Heard Is True".

The arrival of McDonald`s has brought changes in the style of the group. Gradually, he took control of the sound itself ,making bias soul. On the album "Takin` It To The Streets" and "Minute By Minute" his vocals and keyboards dominate the other instruments. Last disc accompanied by a single (

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