Donato Bilancia

Picture of Donato Bilancia

Date of Birth: 07/10/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Potenza

Citizenship: Italy


Bilanchia Donato (Donato `Walter` Bilancia) was born in 1951 in Potenza, southern Italy (Potenza, Italy). When he was 5 years old, his family moved to the north of Italy. It is known that a child Donato repeatedly subjected to this abuse by relatives - his mother obmochenny night mattress hung out to dry on the balcony, to the public, and it lasted until adolescence. In addition, he was allegedly underdeveloped genitals repeatedly demonstrated their relatives, and in general, family Donato, who in the future became a cruel serial killer, to put it mildly, did not show him as a child of any sympathy or understanding.

At age 14, he changed his name to `Uolter`, dropped out of school and began working as a mechanic then, the bartender, as well as a baker and a courier.

While still a minor, he was repeatedly prosecuted for theft - he once stole a motor scooter, another time - a truck with sweets, and in 1974 was arrested and even imprisoned for found he had illegal weapons. Donato spent a year and a half in prison for robbery, at the time he was subjected to tests for mental sanity, but he escaped from the hospital. Despite the fact that the mind he was clearly upset, up to 47 years of age Donato Bilanchia did not show inclination to violence.

He lived alone, and was, among other things, an avid player. So, on the basis of the game, and he committed his first murder by strangling her boyfriend; it happened in autumn 1997.

With gambling were related and the two that followed the first murder, but he later admitted that it was at the time he woke up the interest and fun to kill.

This was followed by the murder of a night watchman, the cashier of the currency exchange, prostitutes, prostitutes and then another, and kolichestvozhertv became more and more. As a result, Bilanchia tried for the murder of 17 people. By the way, one of his potential victims, as a prostitute to survive, and that she later gave the police sketch of the perpetrator.

In April 1998, Donato took the train to Genoa-Venice (Genoa to Venice), because he `wanted to kill zhenschinu`. Signs victim - a young woman - he came after her to the toilet, broke down the door, shot her in the head, as usual, using the pistol 38 caliber. Six days later, a similar murder was repeated on the train to San Remo (San Remo). Later on the two victims were discovered and traces of sexual violence.

By the time of his crime caused a pretty big public outcry, and police began a systematic hunt for a serial killer. The police through the media recommended that residents of northern Italy not to go to night trains alone but also police patrols to accompany the night trains have been organized.

The last before his arrest Bilanchia crime was the murder of a gas station, but then he took the money, and - about 2 million lira, or $ 1,000.

He searched for fingerprints left by cigarette butts, and prints on the cups of coffee, looking for traces of semen left on the corpses, and, besides, he sought and rather conspicuous old black `Mersedesu`.

May 6, 1998 the criminal was taken to his home in Genoa (Genoa), there has been found and the murder weapon. When arrested, the offender had no authority of any resistance. After 8 days in custody, Bilanchia spoke and confessed to 17 crimes episodes.

The trial of Donato Bilanchia lasted 11 months; He was sentenced to 13 life terms with no right of appeal and, in addition, to 20 years in addition, for attempted murder.