Donald Davidson

Picture of Donald Davidson

Date of Birth: 06/03/1917

Age: 86

Place of birth: Springfield

Citizenship: United States


Born March 6, 1917 in Springfield (Mass.). He graduated from Harvard University. He taught at Stanford, Princeton, the University of Chicago and Rockefeller University. Since 1981 - Professor, University of California at Berkeley.

Davidson developed the theory of action, theory of knowledge, philosophy of mind and the theory of value.

One and the same event is described in different ways: the commitment to the mental plane, it serves as the basis of action taken in physicalist terms - as a cause of action. This means that mental and physical events can be in the cause-effect relationship. However, strict psychophysical laws, ie laws connecting mental and physical events, does not exist. In the event Mental (Mental Events, 1970), the philosopher shows how the three above assumptions can be brought into mutual satisfaction. While strict law, establishing the link between mental description of the event and its physical effect, there is, nevertheless, there is a strict law that establishes a link between physicalist description of the event and its effects. Davidson`s position is called "anomalous monism": the monism of this position is to approve the identity of mental events with physical and anomaly - in the denial of psychophysical laws.

Natural language has a "composite" nature, ie, It is capable of endless education and more new proposals. To adequately display of this nature Davidson proposes to rely on a recursive theory of truth proposed A.Tarskim. This theory makes it possible for each language offers L formulate the theorem in the metalanguage M. This theorem has the form of