Dominique Pinon

Picture of Dominique Pinon

Date of Birth: 04/03/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Saumur

Citizenship: France


One of the most popular French actor Dominique Pinon was born March 4, 1955 in Saumur. With such an extraordinary appearance, he did not expect to become an actor. However, after several years of colorless in various educational institutions, he moved to Paris and arrives at the Simon acting classes. In the capital of such a person could not help but notice, and after two short films actor Arthur Joffe said one of the most prominent directors of his generation, Jean-Jacques Beineix and offered him his first role in cinema. No one then could have imagined that the "Diva" will become an absolute cult and the role of skinhead murderers all 80 predetermine filmography Pignone - during this decade, it will play a fairly abnormal, and this gloomy marginalized - alcoholics, murderers, tramps and prisoners. That did not prevent him, however, in the 83 th for the first time nominated for the Cesar for "Martin Guerra". "I offer a very tragic role - the actor complained of in those years -. No one suspects, as I dream of comedy." A sharp turn in his career was a meeting with beginners duetomMark Caro - Jean-Pierre Jeunet. No, young directors, after a series of short films glorified the creators are working on their "delicacy", did not make a clean comedian Pignone. Jeunet and Caro hated all the ordinary world of paintings is more like a bizarre futuristic circus inhabited by unusual creatures, and if Pignon has been created for this world. "City of Lost Children" Karo-wife has already opened the 48th Cannes Film Festival, and pinyon managed to play in the film as much as 5 roles - a mad scientist and his four clones. With Jean-Pierre Jeunet actor inseparable ever since - and the American "Alien 4", and triumphal "Amelie" and "A Very Long Engagement" is simply not possible without Pignone. And all his roles recent years varied and similar at the same time. Diverse, because in films of various genres he plays nurses, commissioners, butchers, vagrants, etc. A similar indispensable and joyful recognizable - the "actor with a face", so rare in our time faceless, certainly will be on the height and force a laugh. Not for nothing because in one of his most famous plays he plays Louis de Funes ...