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Date of Birth: 03/11/1959

Age: 57

Place of birth: Stockholm

Citizenship: Sweden

Dolph Lundgren: Bouncer with three higher educations

`Dolf` Hans Lundgren was born November 3, 1957 in Spang, a suburb of Stockholm, capital of Sweden. The eldest of four children in the family (he has two sisters - and Annika Katarina and Johan`s brother). Father of the future actor Carl, an engineer by training and an economist by profession, brought his son to limit the severity of: he often raised his hand not only a son but his wife Brigitte.

Such an attitude on the part of a loved one has had a strong influence on Dolph, but did not make Man inward, but on the contrary - motivated to prove to his father that he is not a hopeless loser, what he considered his. The heavy family situation stimulated what Lundgren became sports. He began studying karate and judo, and persistent training yielded results: in 1977 became the champion Dolph Sweden, and three years later won the Open Karate Championships, held in the UK.

After school, Lundgren went to conquer the United States and enrolled at the University of Washington. There Swede began to study chemistry and continued the case to the Clemson University study but the guy could not finish: he was called home to undergo military service. Dolph became a member unit of combat swimmers, but to serve a full term could not due to a serious injury.

The future actor was promoted due time in the Training Center of Special fleet then began to re-examine the complex science of chemistry, this time - the Royal tehnologicheskominstitute Stockholm. There Dolph to finish my studies bachelor`s degree, and then (1982, University of Sydney) - to the Master of Chemical Engineering. Who knows what would have been the fate of a certified chemist Lundgren, which shines a PhD, if one day he met the singer Grace Jones.

In a nightclub in Sydney, where Dolph, because of their different physical data moonlighting as a bouncer, he was a concert Jones. Actress spotted 25-year-old broad, handsome and hired his own bodyguard. After some time, Grace twisted romance with her bodyguard, and Lundgren trip to Boston to continue his studies it was not over - Dolph followed mistress went to New York.

In 1985, the Swede, the victim fiasco in the modeling business and become a disciple of the New York School of Dramatic Arts, he made his debut in cinema, which fascinated him so much. The first acting job Lundgren - Fourteen of the James Bond film `on ubiystvo` view. Get a small role bodyguard Crown Dolph helped his lover Grace Jones, who played the villain in the film Mayday. The debut went not spectacular, so went down to talk Swede decided that he needed to pursue acting.

Soon Lundgren went to the casting of the sports drama `4` Rocky (1985) - the fourth part of the saga of boxer Rocky Balboa Sylvester Stallone in the title role. Dolph first refused because too tall (195 cm, though the growth of his on-screen partner Stallone is 177 cm), but he did not despair, and re-sent the casting directors your photos - this time in the form of boxing. In the end, Dolph successfully auditioned and beating around 5000 competitors, was part of the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago.

New actor scored a terrific physical shape and, according to many viewers, well it copes with the role of the villain of the USSR. Despite the fact that the film received seven nominations for the anti-award `Golden malina`, blond giant remembered filmmakers, and he began to receive proposals on the set.

Further work Dolph steel militants vselennoy` `The Masters (1987),` Red skorpion` (1988), `Karatel` (1988),` tmy` Angel (1989) and `oktyabr` Black (1991). Each Swede played a major role, but none brought him the desired recognition. Quite the contrary: the critics unanimously called Lundgren derevyannym` `` actor litsom` with a stone and a pile of useless `muskulov`. But Dolph was not used to turn off the intended path, so do not even thought about how to complete an acting career.

As it turned out, he has not lost: the following after the failed `Black oktyabrya` work of the actor was the picture of` Showdown in Little Tokio` - thriller about Los Angeles cops who oppose the Japanese mafia the City of Angels. According to experts in the field of movies Dolph still was not much acting talent, but the film itself received massupolozhitelnyh reviews and found a love of the audience.

Immediately after the `` ... fights in his career Lundgren had another breakthrough - on the screens out the fantasy thriller `universal soldat` in which Dolph villain played by Andrew Scott, opposing hero Jean-Claude Van Damme. This painting is considered to be one of the best in the career of the Swedish hero.

After `... soldata` he played in many films (mostly fighters), and even directed the six of them:` Zaschitnik` (2004), `Mehanik` (2005),` psy` Diamond (2007), `Missioner` (2007 ), `gastrol` Dangerous (2009),` ubiystv` machine (2010). But neither the director`s work with his participation or continuation of `Universal soldata` (Dolph came in third and fourth parts of the saga - in the 2009th and 2012th years, respectively.) Did not become momentous for Lundgren.

Return to former glory has helped a trilogy `Neuderzhimye` - epic brainchild of Sylvester Stallone, in which there was a place a huge number of superstar fighters from different years, including Dolph.

May 17, 2016 will see the light painting `Kindergarten Cop 2 `- the sequel to the well-known 1990 comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. At this time, the image of the main character will appear different muscular crowd favorite - Dolph Lundgren. Whatever one may say about the acting talent with this beautiful land of the Vikings, his painted work schedule for the year ahead, and this means that it continues to do what he likes - in the movies.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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