Dolly Griffin

Picture of Dolly Griffin

Date of Birth: 08/02/1910

Age: 106

Place of Birth: Detroit

Citizenship: United States

Jubilee in an unusual style

Griffin was born in Detroit (Detroit). When she was in 5th grade, widowed mother carried her to Miami (Miami). Even then, Dolly differed incredible cheerfulness and vigor; These qualities will serve her well in later life. Griffin`s main passion has always been dance; for some time she worked in nightclubs and choirs Atlantic City (Atlantic City).

In 1930, Dolly opened in Miami dance studio; spodvigla her on this, she said, love for children. In most children, Griffin has never been, but a week of its sessions attended 125chelovek order. Dolly is inclined to consider this the work of one of the greatest successes in my life.

Griffin had never been married; talent and visual appeal, however, it provided a large number of fans. The appeal of Dolly has withstood the test of time - in 1983, Griffin won the title of `Miss Prestarelyh` House in Dade County (Dade County).

The nursing home Jackson (Jackson) Griffin first came in 1980, after the first heart attack and a broken arm. Because in the house at the time she was living her last living relative - his uncle - to leave Dolly did not want to. It was then that she met Komi (Komie), later virtually replaced the daughter Dolly. That Komi and invited Griffin to participate in the program to support living in a nursing home. Dolly worked in Jackson five hours a day and five days a week; she taught dance tenants, and selling flowers, chocolates and homemade dolls. In 97 years, Dolly realized that it can no longer live alone and she moved into a nursing home.

Particular attention of the press to his Griffin attracted 2 August 2010 - the day it was exactly 100 years. This sverhkrugly anniversary Dolly said party in Hawaiian style. The idea of ??the organizers for the party - in the first place, all the same Komi - prompted a vacation in the tropics that Dolly has arranged itself in a few years before.

The room was decorated with yellow, green and pink; to Griffin joined 30 of her neighbors in Jackson. They all got a lot of pleasure from the party; especially to taste the guests had dancers performing hula - Hawaiian national dance. At some stage to rousing young people now he is still young at heart birthday girl.