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Birthday : 18.12.1970 year

Age: 45 years

Place of birth : Baltimore, United States

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Earl Simmons

Original name: Earl Simmons


Before he took the pseudonym Dark Man X, he loved himself nazyvat Divine Master of the Uknown (the Unknown Prophet) .

On DMX `s wrist has a large scar after trying one of the fans to pull off his watch.

DMX lives in New Jersey with his wife in taun-House for two families.

With his sisters he barely speaks.

He exasperated fans and reporters, throwing themselves at the gate of his house.

Previously she worked as a DJ.

He began rapping to please girls.

He believes that there coexist two personalities : Earl Simmons and DMX " Earl - an ordinary man, like dogs, walks with them, and the DMX - performer. He likes to speak in front of a crowd, to have fans put on a show. "

He likes to sing verses, written in 1992 (and even earlier), in which words rhyme Money, Power, Respect (money, power, respect) .

DMX `s mother enrolled him in a boarding school because she could not cope with his son, and the only person ,who went on to take care of it, there was my grandmother (she is now dead) .

In his Yonkers loved to organize a hip - hop show, which lasted for several hours, which brought him a lot of money, as people poured on them the shaft.

It became evident that Hip - Hop has now reached such heights ,that one of the most respected rappers (including fans from around the world) is the most prodovat worldwide. DMX blinded himself the coolest reputation in this brutal rap game, running on the razor`s edge when dealing with violent lyrics and creating yourself imedzh " dog ", who rarely uses the " plywood". Thanks to all this world charts often contain a line with DMX letters. The first three albums debuted at number one and a half years was sold over 10 million records. However, NAS and Jay-Z (who took part in both the commercial and on a personal basis) DMX today - an important figure in hip-hop. DMX - MS with a rough voiceDebuted with the LoX on the tape that brought DJ Clue, then it was the first experience does not extend beyond the native gordka DMX`a. Long life began in early 1998, when the single "Get me a Dog" became a real television and radio hit. However, publicly DMX appeared much earlier - received the award of the magazine the Source "Unsigned Hype" (1991). A few years later, he signed a contract with Columbia, but the deal fell apart before recording. DMX was in carts LL Cool J, Mase, and Mick`a Jeronimo, then signed a contract with Def Jam in 1997. His album "It`s dark and Hell is hot" debuted in first place in May 1998, becoming later 4 times platinum. "Flesh of my Flesh,Blood of my Blood " followed by only 6 months later, and also immediately took the top spot of the charts. And at the end of 1999 DMX releases " And there was X ", which by tradition immediately falls in the first place.

Americans like DMX and somehow trusted his songs. This is not quite normal,since his debut album was only some six months ago, and sensationally won the " Billboard ", denoting their absolute superiority over all competitors still in the honey week. Rap press stated the birth of a new Tupac, DMX but did not count on cheap glory. That, after that he had to go to the current triumph was worth much moreThan just a nice day of promotion or working with the coolest producer in the world. Since his arrival the East Coast again regenerated, received a new sound and voices of fans of good hip-hop. The originality of this hardcore nigga isit is absolutely no one else could hit and was able to get rid of corrupt ties with rhythm and blues, as well as the bad habit of many recognized rappers only talk about themselves and their own.

In " Prayer " track (from his platinum album " ItTs Dark And Hell Is Hot") has the following lines : "I am only afraid that my words are heard only afterI`m gone / Although it`s all right - I do not expect to live long / But if I ugotovlena suffering for the sake of my brethren have seen the true light, / gave me, O God, unearthly pain, but put on the right path, " many of these. words may seem a swan song of Tupac Shakur or deathbed revelation of Viktor Tsoi ,but they belong Erlu Simmons (Earl Simmons), hiding under a pseudonym DMX (Dark Man X). And this is not a desperate attempt to get through the Anita Tsoi Superstar, playing in the light of all the feelings of people for whom her famous namesake was and remained the spiritual leader. In DMX fate no better, and no less talent. Will he become a prophet in his own country, time will tell. In the meantime, read his story.

Do not you explain to me what to live without a father, and even in a large family. Erlu Russell, along with five of his sisters was written on the old one brought up the mother, who once just broke down and decided to somehow ease the burden of his responsibility. Earl ,ordinary New York teenager with a good heart, but with street habits, growing up truants and lazy and unrestrained poverty family soon became addicted to steal. One day, he brushed a classmate at the point of self-made pistol (gun could not shoot, but the guy did not know about it), and his mother ,Erlu who wanted only good, cunning gave him to a boarding school. Earl came there ostensibly to rest. His mother talked with the director and left him there with the words that will come soon and take home. .. They met only a year and a half, when Erlu crying prison and opened the door a labor camp. The only person ,who from birth more than anyone else cared about the only grandson, the grandmother was Mary Ella Earl Holleuey, which he later dedicated his debut album. With such a sad childhood and youth, to 18 years in Earl wrote about 200 songs on his philosophical thought and bold children`s fears.In late 1991, he recorded his first promotional single "Born Loser" on Columbia Records, and despite the commercial failure, received a prestigious award "Unsigned Hype" by the magazine "The Source". However, as is the case with many other young undiscovered talent, the label chose to bring it on a waiting list for the hour. "Columbia deliberately playing for time, - clarifies Simmons -. First they started to spin KRISS KROSS, they were followed by CYPRESS HILL and then me." Earl told them that he was no worse than these guys, but it was a little confused, and he asked for freedom. Fortunately, no special obligations to the label he did not have ,and from him happily escaped. Simmons did not hang his nose and often encouraged himself with the thought that someday someone will say about him : " This guy can and should make a lot of money, because there is something there ! ". He took the name DMX, which originally stood for Divine Master Of Unknown,and he plunged into the raging river hip-hop project, which is engaged in its own area of Yonkers SCHOOL STREET PROJECTS. It took some time, and DMX (a ka Dark Man X), as a guest rapper on the beautiful, the whole world learned. Full list of foreign songs and albums, on which he read, is too large,so limit ourselves to key positions, namely, LL Cool J "4,3,2,1", Mic Geronimo "Usual Suspects", CamTron "Pull It", and of the last Mase " 24 Hrs To Live", THE LOX "Money, Power & Respect ", Ice Cube" We Be ClubbinT (Remix) " and ONYX" Shut SEm Down ".After such a solid samoreklamnoy campaign on Def Jam Records considered it an honor to sign a contract with him, and there is little doubt that this talented recording nigga easily find their fans. While hardly anyone could have foreseen ,that the DMX debut CD " ItTs Dark And Hell Is Hot" will debut at the top of the "Billboard Top 200 " with 251,000 copies sold in its first week of release in May 1998. While townsfolk stretched in a long line music stores, to make a pleasant shopping ,critics wanted to find answers to two reasonable questions about DMX and his debut album. Firstly, they wanted to know how the rapper cope with the hype and quick fame, who fell on him lately. And secondly, to work with others - this one,and if he could without substantial support from record your own CD? Released the album demonstrated that communication and glory were at least a second deal for DMX. From " gostyaschy " on the album only Jay-Z ("Murdergram") and Mase with THE LOX ("Niggaz Done Started Something").The rest - the DMX in its special beauty : speaks like singing - singing speaking unusual dialect, unpredictable changes of mood and style.

The first single, "Get At Me Dog" in general can be regarded as its own anthem rapper. There are the words : "I only stole to eat / and thousands of others like me, the crowd in the streets. / Living only to hurry to die, " I`ll tell you a secret :. DMX can very natural barking and at every opportunity shows that the talent is undoubtedly worthy of transmission " Weakly " Here he is doing, inviting his enemies finally get even with him.. The next track "Damien" in the best traditions of the great storyteller Slick Rick and Biggie Smalls allegedly makes a deal with the devil himself, to help him become a famous rapper, and he in turn must get rid of your friends, take some drugs and sex. The name "Crime Story" speaks for itself (after last year`s attack on him, which was attended by about a dozen people at the Earl left a deep scar under his left eye and could barely recover from the fracture of the jaw) , and "Let Me Fly" - one of the most revealing tracks where DMX disclose all their talents. However, I am sure ,yield remarkable in many respects, " ItTs Dark And Hell Is Hot" - is not the only significant event that will be remembered DMX fans, watching the passing year.

Immediately after his debut album was released (though only in the form of promotional material) album - assembly of all the most successful kollaboreytov DMX and Canibus ,which reminds many Rakim in his youth. The latest hip-hop forces quickly established their career just this year, but they were afraid, and put on a par with the time-tested veterans. In a short time, and start talking about them as about the legends. That`s when this disk will become a classic and a great rarity. Few of the other steppe was following the news that has emerged in the US press in mid-June. 29 -year-old dancer of one of the New York club filed a lawsuit in the District Court of the Bronx, accusing Earl Simmons that he raped her. DMX was arrested five days after the alleged sexual assault and was released on bail of $ 10 000 to the court hearing the case.

Earl often insane when drunk, but for employment for a long time did not visit night clubs, unless you give concerts there, much less shot strippers for one night. If it is good to rememberOn his album has a song "X Is Coming", which take place the following lines : " And if you have a daughter older than 15 years, I raped her," but it is very DMX put it, should be understood figuratively, from the category of that you wish my worst enemy. In fact, Earl Simmons, and no one ever will be able to rape. This woman he did for the first time in my life I saw in court and readily agreed to donate blood for DNA analysis, which was to clarify the picture. And a month deal, of course, was closed in front of him apologized and innocent DMX August 9 to celebrate married his longtime girlfriend Tashiire, by whom he had a 5- year old son. On that happy note, you can have and finish this story, if the DMX generous, that December 18 was 28 years old, he volunteered to help his label Def Jam, experiencing in recent months, a significant financial problem. Not only that, DMX starred in the film HYIP Williams "Belly",December 15, he released his second studio album in six months "Flash Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood". That `s new, that`s big! So be sure until yesterday rhyme DMX krushat authorities the right and left, he had already prepared new. He is strong, because nothing and no one is afraid. Even death and hell. ..

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