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Date of Birth: 01/21/1960

Age: 56

Place of birth: Almalyk

Citizenship: Russia


Best Actor 1988 - 1991 years in a poll of the magazine "Soviet Screen"


Dmitry Kharatyan was born in 1960 in Tashkent region in a family of engineers. His father taught at a technical college, and my mother worked as a civil engineer. Three years after the birth of her son Dmitry`s family moved to the suburbs.

At school, Dmitriy never thought about acting career. Like many boys, he enjoyed sports - drove in hockey and football. Another passion was music. Dmitry good playing guitar, and besides, he soon showed outstanding vocal. This enabled him to become the head of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Argonauts" summer camp "Meteor" near Moscow, where he was resting 3 through 10th grade. So, together with Dmitry guitar and ended up in the movie ...

The debut in the movie

As often happens in the movie Dmitry was due to coincidence. When he was in the tenth grade, a friend of the girl Galia (who dreamed of becoming an actress) called him with an audition at the studio. It so happened that she did not get, and the episode and Kharatyan director Vladimir Menshov chosen among thousands of applicants, entrusting to him the title role - a romantic boy with Igor Grushko guitar.

The picture, which appeared on the screens in 1977, were greeted with a very warm, and the song of Alexander Flyarkovsky "When a leave from school yard" has become very popular. Dmitry Kharatyan in an instant found-Union, many fans began to send him letters - all this could well turn a head. Fortunately this did not happen.

Dmitry Kharatyan admits: "Perhaps the Lord has saved from temptation. Apparently, it helped a sober assessment of their place in life. The head, of course, the success of spinning, but remained on the spot. Temptation fame, success, power, wealth - one of the most serious challenges to human. Indeed, I am 17 years became famous. And I still can not understand how I got through it and managed to survive the temptation. It`s a miracle ... So many people are breaking down, especially at a young age when a person is still so weak ... "

School. Shchepkina

Following the "sweepstakes" Dmitry was invited to a major role in the melodrama Sergey Anatoly Vasiliev "picture on the wall." So that future profession was predetermined. True immediately after school to enroll in drama school he did not succeed, and Dimitri went to work in the exploration party. But the following year he was nevertheless admitted to the Theater School Shchepkin, where he studied in the studio of Mikhail Tsarev.

There in school Dmitry met his first wife Marina. In January 1984 their daughter Alexandra was born. But in the future family life did not work, and they parted.

Along with studying Dmitry Kharatyan went on to star in the movie. In 1980, screens out a psychological drama Vadim Abdrashitova "Fox Hunting", where Kharatyan has played a small but sharp, socially and psychologically precise role of Bones Stryzhak - one of the few in the creative biography of negative roles. Then there was a small role in the historical-adventure film "School" (based on works by Gaidar), and in the drama "People in the swamp."

In 1982 Dmitry was invited by director Marlen Khutsiev the role of Pushkin. Kharatyan says: "When I got the call from Hutsieva and offered the part, I thought that someone really stupid joke. I asked the girl, introduced Hutsieva assistant: "You have seen me alive for a long time? Sideburns I do not seem to grow, and even the hair does not curl. " But then Hutsiev explained that he had seen me in the graduation film of young director. I was there as a lieutenant went on a tank, all stained and looked like not to Pushkin, and Hannibal. Hutsiev apparently traced the parallel mate and began to try me. "

However, this role has not taken place. The reason was hudsovet State cinema where Hutsiev said: "Marlene Martynovich, you`re crazy! Pushkin - the genius of the Russian people, and then some teenager, but still with the name Kharatyan. " As a result, the principal turned Hutsiev shooting pictures.

Work on the role of Pushkin was the reason that Kharatyan missed the opportunity of distribution in theater - in 1982 he had just graduated from college. As a result, he became a film actor. The following year, the screens out adventure "Green Box", where Haratyan brilliantly played the role of an investigator Volodya Patrikeeva. This work confirmed his role in the romantic hero, and at the same time demonstrating the comedic talent of the actor.

In the same year Haratyan starred as a young racer Grigory Yakovlev in the sports drama "Speed". But in comedy by Karen Shakhnazarov "We are from jazz" it was not possible to withdraw. Dmitry was to play a major role, but here intervened hudsovet - they did not like the name again. As a result, he confirmed was approved Igor Sklyar. "It is a pity that movie, because samples from Karen, I was in shock, playing freely and easily, and with the actors, and the director worked in perfect harmony," - said Dmitry Kharatyan.


In 1984, when Dmitry 24 years old, he was drafted into the army. By the time he was already a famous actor. He could try and "zakosit", but, as he admits, did not allow conscience. However, he tried to ease the conditions of service, sitting in some military ensemble. However, this venture had failed.

The draft board was already going to send it to the missile troops, but then a lieutenant identified therein popular actor. He even contributed to the distribution of Dmitry to Moscow, the fire department number 5103. But this does not facilitate his service ...

From the first days, he had to deal with hazing. And this fame it did not help much either. On the contrary, some of the military particularly liked to emphasize their superiority over famous colleague. So he had to test on itself and humiliation, and fights, and lip ...

And yet ... "I do not regret that I served, - says Kharatyan. - The army is very disciplined, so you only rely on their own strength. In general, the army - is a separate issue in the life of a very serious test. But for me - a necessary and useful. "


In the "cadets" Dmitry Kharatyan was not immediately apparent. Initially, the role of Alyosha Korsak had to play Yuri Moroz. Together with the other characters - Sergei Zhigunov and Vladimir Shevelkova he already began to shoot. But later he turned down the role due to the fact that at that time was finishing the last course VGIK and was busy diploma work.

The film`s director Svetlana Druzhininoj had to quickly find a replacement. Kharatyan proposed to her to see her husband, cameraman Anatoly Mukasey. Dmitry was invited to the set, as well as the shooting has been in full swing, the tests were not carried out. Svetlana Druzhinin just gave him the notes and words and asked to sing. Once Haratyan sang "Spring with leaves, like life without love ..." - she said, "This is it."

The film "Naval Cadets, Forward!" Was released in 1987 and immediately created a furor. Cadets immediately dubbed "Russian Musketeers", and this is no accident. Gripping story, great songs, beautiful, fearless heroes - all to some extent echoes the famous film about D`Artagnan. At one time idols are Boyarsky, laughter, and Starygin Smirnitsky now - Kharatyan, Zhigunov and Shevelkov.

Dmitry Kharatyan says: "After the" cadets "started some kind of madness. Letters came in batches, someone wrote that he was going to give birth to me, someone else has already begotten, someone called his son Dima, someone Alyosha (in honor of my character). One girl even came from Ukraine with suitcases on me "to get married" ...

The image of "Russian Musketeers" Alyosha Korsak in historic costumes and television series for many years was the "hallmark" Kharatyan. After the film the actor four years held the title of most popular actor of the country according to the magazine "Soviet Screen".

1988-1995 years

After the "cadets" Dmitry Kharatyan has become a real movie star. Now the audience waited each of his new work. And they were quick to follow - and not very successful ...

Among the comedies of the late `80s - early` 90s sleduetotmetit painting by Leonid Gaidai "Private Detective, or Operation" Cooperation ". The film had good success with the public, although it was significantly weaker than the previous works of the famous director. The main role of the private detective Puzyreva Dima had to play Alexander Kuznetsov, known for the film "Jack Vosmerkin - American." But for obvious reasons, he was forced to abandon filming. Then invited Dmitry Kharatyan.

The actor has once again demonstrated the undeniable comic talent, and his next picture, "On Deribasovskaya good weather ..." (1992), Gaidai set for him. However, it should be recognized that this comedy was even weaker than the previous one.

The first half of the 90 general stood out for Dmitry Kharatyan very intensive in terms of work in film. Comedy talent used Kharatyan and director Anatoly Eyramdzhan, who invited him to play a few grotesque roles in the film "The New Odeon" (1992), and two Godea later - one of the roles in the film "Bride of Miami."

Wide resonance, precisely because Kharatyan, the picture has caused Andrey Razumovsky `Attractive face` (1990). In this film, all of a sudden, Dmitry played hamovatogo gigolo Gena than cast many of his fans in shock. Some did and expressed open outrage that role.

In 1991, screens out the second film of the midshipmen - "Vivat, cadets!". Here again starring Dmitry Kharatyan and Sergei Zhigunov and Vladimir Shevelkova replaced by Mikhail Mamaev. The film turned out good, but to the level of the first "cadets" did not reach. One of the reasons was that the young Catherine (Christina Aguilera) were bred in the main characters. Midshipman is assigned the role of the background. They rode horses, fought ... Only the hero Mikhail Mamaev to some extent to create some intrigue, being in love with the future Empress. A year later came "Midshipmen-III

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