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Date of Birth: 09/11/1864

Age: 55

Citizenship: Russia


Dmitry I. Ivanovsky [28.10 (9.11) .1864, p. Nisa, now the Leningrad region - 04.20.1920, Rostov-on-Don] Russian plant physiologist and microbiologist, founder of virology. Pupil A. Famintsyna. He graduated from the University of St. Petersburg (1888). Assistant Botanical Laboratory of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1890), assistant professor of St. Petersburg (1895-1901), professor of Warsaw (1901-15) and Don (1915) universities. Starting in 1887, the study of tobacco diseases in southern Russia, made out previously mixed so-called mosaic disease and wildfire. Found (1892), the causative agent of the latter, unlike bacteria, invisible in the microscope at high magnification, passes through the porcelain filters and does not grow on ordinary nutrient media. Discovered in the cells of diseased plants crystalline inclusions ( "crystals VI"), opening thus a special world of non-bacterial pathogens and neprotozoynoy nature, these viruses later. AI considered them as the smallest living organisms. In addition, AI published a work about the features of physiological processes in the diseased plants, the effect of oxygen on alcoholic fermentation in yeast, the state of chlorophyll in plants, its resistance to light, the value of carotene and xanthophylls, on soil microbiology.

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