Dmitriy Groisman

Picture of Dmitriy Groisman

Date of Birth: 05/15/1972

Age: 41

Place of birth: Vinnitsa

Citizenship: Ukraine

Ukrainian human rights activist

Place of birth - Vinnitsa. In 1995, Groisman graduated with honors from Vinnytsia National Medical University named after NI Pirogov (specialty he received - physician-pathologist). In 2008, the Ukrainian Academy of Advocacy was qualified as a lawyer.

In 1993, Groisman is becoming one of the founders of a human rights representative of the international organization in the winery.

, 1995-2000 - coordinator of the campaign Amnesty International (abolition of the death penalty in Ukraine).

In 2001 Dmitry Groisman becomes coordinator of the Vinnytsia Human Rights Group.

In the human rights sphere Groisman activity was as follows: patients` rights; protection of victims of ill-treatment or torture; assistance to refugees and those who have sought asylum in Ukraine. Dmitry Groisman has a significant legal support to a large number of people who left Russia because of political beliefs. For example, I did that infamous Olga Kudrina and a number of other members of the National Bolshevik Party, which is forbidden, was granted political asylum.

As a human rights activist Dmitry Groisman was known for loud revelations Ukrainian policemen, prosecutors, corrupt judges. Many spoke on Radio "Liberty".

On the eve of the court session, which was scheduled for August 7 (because of absence of the public prosecutor, it was postponed until July 31), Dmitry Groisman died.

It is known that more than two years ago, it was a criminal case against him. In a judgment handed down by the Investigation Department Ministry of Internal Affairs, a human rights activist has been charged with a crime, provided that Part 1 of Article 338 of the Criminal Code - "Violation of state symbols of Ukraine." Making such prestupleniyapredusmatrivaet fine or restriction of freedom for up to three years.

Besides, Dmitry Groisman has been charged with a crime, provided that Part 1 of Article 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Dissemination of images, objects, works of a pornographic nature." This charge was incriminated defender for the link posted in his blog - a link to a video of Russian public figures and politicians (Eduard Limonov, Viktor Shenderovich, Alexander Potkin). The penalty for this offense is provided as follows: a fine or restriction of freedom - up to three years.

Earlier Groisman said that the real motive for bringing him to criminal responsibility was the desire of the Security Service and the police finally get access to the Vinnytsia Human Rights Group.

Dmitry Groisman died before the trial of chronic heart disease. According to information received from relatives of the famous human rights activist, heart disease, he had an innate and quite heavy, that is a sad end could happen at any moment. On the eve of the court session, according to human rights activist friends, he was in a great mood, finishing constitute the final word on fabricated criminal case against him, was optimistic configured.

In connection with the death of the accused will be put forward a motion to close the case. Groisman Proponents argue that a lawyer is going to prove the innocence of the defendant, so it may be that the case will still be brought to an end. The trial is almost came up to the final stage - Debate part is over, and the final meeting was to sound the final speech Groisman, after which the judge read out the verdict.