Dmitriy Gnedin

Picture of Dmitriy Gnedin

Age: 67

Citizenship: Russia


Early leaving military service and settled in his estate (in Alexander County, Ekaterinoslav province), Gnedin back in the forties founded in his house a school for peasant children, in which he taught, together with his wife. After the liberation of the peasants was Gnedin conciliator first call. His energetic and hard-hitting mode of action armed against him many landowners. nicknamed "Garibaldi Alexandrovsky district" has been assigned to him. At the meeting of the provincial nobility was raised the question of expelling him from the nobility, for antidvoryanskie trends. This proposal was rejected because of the talented voice of Baron NA Korf, a teacher known afterwards. After the introduction of Ekaterinoslav province Zemsky uchrezhdeniyGnedin been elected in vowels continuously for five three-year period, zealously, with KZ Bunitskim helping Corfu Baron in the organization of the County Primary School. In 1872, when the NA Korff was voted down in the vowels and went abroad, at the head of educational affairs in the county became Gnedin, with the rank of chairman of the school boards. In 1874, when the presidency of the school boards was transferred to the marshals of the nobility, Gnedin was invited to run for leader, but he declined the offer because he was an opponent of the estate service. He was a trustee of the school in his village; His wife was in charge of the warehouse of books and textbooks for public schools and activities are covered by national publications in remote villages. Gnedin and was a district magistrate, since the introduction of judicial reform in the county for 11 years. He understood their responsibilities, mainly in bringing the parties to the world and be proud of the high number that reaches into his cell number of the world`s transactions. They were based savings and loan association, in the Board of which he and his wife worked before his death. Gnedin completed its public activities Gnedinskogo base vocational school, for which the building has spent about 35,000 rubles., Laying to their land. The idea of ??this school was born in it even in 1869. Prior to 1875 there is a development and approval of the charter school. This year, the district council decided to take a building that will be built Gnedin at his own expense, in order to open in nihuchilische. In 1878 the buildings were ready, but the county district council (in a different composition) evaded execution of the judgment and petitioned for acceptance of future school at the expense of provincial zemstvo. Last, first agreeing to meet this request, then canceled (in a different composition) of a judgment, and this brought upon yourself the bitter reproach Baron NA Korf ( "How sometimes zemstvos themselves undermine their value" in the "Voice"). After a lot of unsuccessful negotiations, first with the diocesan office, then - with the Ministry of Finance, the school was finally opened society to improve people`s labor, in 1883. It was the last act of public activity Gnedin. At his funeral attended by over a thousand people of neighboring farmers. N. Karyshev.