Dmitriy Gluhovskiy

Picture of Dmitriy Gluhovskiy

Date of Birth: 06/12/1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Network Metrostroy Dmitry Glukhov

Dmitry Glukhov - born Muscovite, more precisely, stroginets. He was born on June 12, 1979 in the family of the journalist. It`s hard to say what determined the creative inclinations boy - heredity or environment in the family - but his favorite toy was my father`s typewriter, and since the age of ten, Dmitry took up writing stories. His style and themes were formed under the influence of the cult science fiction of the Soviet era - the Strugatsky brothers and McGee, as well as the classics of the genre such as Lem, Azimov, Simak, Bradbury. Eventually replace the short stories have come stories and novels, the volume of which reached 48 sheets school notebook. Education at the prestigious `frantsuzskoy` School. Polenov was associated with time-consuming on the road, during which Dmitry came to mind new subjects for his works. One of them was based on a combination of popular at the time of the computer game Fallout with such a well-known fact that the residents of the capital, that the Moscow metro is a very complex communication system, designed to shelter people in the event of nuclear war. The idea of ??the transformation of everyday reality in the fantastic space inhabited post-apocalyptic groups of people of different mentalities subsequently brought the young man a worldwide reputation.

However, literary fame Dmitry expected ahead, and while he was preparing himself for a career international journalist. After completing his education at the University of Jerusalem, Glukhov at the time of graduation he had mastered five languages. In 2002, the newly journalist moved to Lyon (France), where he began his cooperation with the European TV channel EuroNews. In 2005 Glukhov returned home and became a correspondent for the newly created TV channel Russia Today. He was part of the `presidential pula` (the informal group of journalism, illuminating activity of the head of state), conducted live broadcasts from Abkhazia and Chernobyl, the North Pole and the Israeli Kiryat Shmona, located near the Lebanese border. Dmitry Glukhov year lived in Germany, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle TV and Sky News (United Kingdom). Since 2007, Glukhov became the leading radio `Mayak`, and in 2009 he began to lead a popular scientific program` Fantastic breakfast Internet channel PostTV.

By this time, Dmitry Glukhov could be called a celebrity among science fiction writers. The first collections of his short stories `` Noch` and zhivotnyh` Stories were written in his student years. At the same time it was implemented and the school`s plan for post-nuclear Moscow groupings mysterious inhabitants of the underground, mutants and anomalies. However, the novel `2033` Metro was unanimously rejected by all the publishers, which were accessed Glukhov. The basic idea of ??constant change worldviews, leading the protagonist to the conclusion that movement as the sole source of faith and hope, in the end, resulted in his death, which was considered totally unacceptable for a product of this format. Then unrecognized writer ventured on a risky step - 2002 he created a personal website metro.boom. ru (not currently exist). The site in turn laid the thirteen chapters of the first version of the novel (ends with the death of the protagonist), in addition to each chapter propose appropriate music to listen to while reading. The result was stunning - the number of readers beginning to grow rapidly, reaching tens of thousands. Among them were people of various professions, including metro builders and the military, and their recommendations Glukhov made changes to the text. Most often repeated request to change the ending, and, in the end, the author of the novel substantially reworked. The new version of the 20 chapters in 2005 was posted on the website metro.ru, where there is also at present. In the same year `Metro` 2033` published by Eksmo` and the main run of 8000 copies, and then extra separated immediately. Two years later, the book was republished in `Popular literature` (100 thousand copies and a few more runs), and won the contest` Evrokon` as the best debut of the year. The film rights to `2033` Metro was acquired by Warner Bros. `Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer`, the book was published abroad, and was released in the form of audio versions. Based on the video game was created by the novel, as well as a series of books by different authors, which takes place in the world `2033` Metro.

In 2007 Dmitry Glukhov published novel `Sumerki` who also previously hosted on the network. Mystic fantastic story plays with the theme of light and the end of the ancient Mayan prophecy. Based on this novel group Helguard created song `End sveta`, and in 2014 were awarded the twilight of the French literary prize Utopiales. In 2009 he published a sequel to the fantastic debut novel titled `2034` Metro, the first sixteen chapters that alternately appeared on a special website and Learn author. The book also became a best-seller, although the style has become more complex, packed with philosophical metaphors and storylines - a slower and unpredictable. A surprise to fans of the fantastic art became published in 2010. `Tales of Rodine`, representing a mixture of harsh realism and phantasmagoria. Return to the genre of science fiction can be considered novel dystopia `Buduschee` (2013), treats the problem of physical immortality. This book was published in parts on the author page VKontakte, and many foreign publishers immediately acquired the rights to its translation. The latest to date is the fantastic work of Dmitry `2035` Metro, the output of which is scheduled for summer 2015.