Dmitriy Butorin

Picture of Dmitriy Butorin

Date of Birth: 09/11/1908

Age: 42

Citizenship: Russia


Born on October 26 (November 9 to the new style) 1908 in the village of Dolgoschele Arkhangelsk province, now Mezensky District of the Arkhangelsk region, in a peasant family. Russkiy.Okonchil 7 School classes. Since 1923, he worked as a cabin boy on a mammal hunting on the Kanin Peninsula in the White and Barents seas. In 1927, working in the fishing cooperative Dolgoschelskoy Dmitry Butorin first time came on zveroboyku not modest fishing bot, and on the icebreaker: the Soviet authorities organized a new fishing marine animals in the neck of the White morya.S 1927 sailed sailor Sevtorgflota Arkhangelsk sea port on ships "Siberians", "Rusanov", "Georgy Sedov", participated in the expedition of the Arctic Institute, which studies marine animals. Supervisory sailor telling biologists about the life and behavior of the Greenland tyulenya.V 1930-1933 he served in the frontier troops of the OGPU USSR. Since 1933 - a sailor on ships of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. Since 1937 - the boatswain of the icebreaker "G. Sedov" took part in the Arctic ice drift in the Arctic drift was completed okeana.Posle directional studies at the Industrial Academy in Moscow. In 1941 he graduated from the first course, but the war interrupted his studies. During the Great Patriotic War, in 1941, he sailed on ships boatswain FESCO. Since 1943 - the fourth assistant captain of the ship "Clara Zetkin", carrying loads of Lend-Lease Vladivostok across the Pacific Ocean. Since 1944 - inspector Glavmorporta People`s Commissariat of the Navy. Since 1945, the newly floated mate on "Clara Zetkin" .Tragicheski died May 20, 1951. He was buried at the cemetery Vvedenskoye Moscow (station number 2).


Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from February 3, 1940 "for the conduct of the heroic drift performance of an extensive research program in the difficult conditions of the Arctic and for displaying courage and perseverance," the second engineer of the icebreaker "G. Sedov" Butorin Dmitry Prokofievich awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union with the award Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star