Dmitriy Anychin

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Date of Birth: 08/27/1843

Age: 79

Citizenship: Russia


Anuchin Dmitri Soviet anthropologist, geographer, ethnographer and archaeologist, professor of Moscow State University (1884), academician (1896), honorary member of the Academy of Sciences (1898). In 1867 he graduated from Moscow University, where from 1890 read anthropology course. From 1885 until his death led the first established at Moscow University Department of Geography. Since 1890 President of the Society of Naturalists, Anthropology and Ethnography.

In 1879, on his initiative, at the Moscow University was founded Museum of Anthropology (Anthropology Department in 1919, and in 1922 Research Institute of Anthropology). The main specialty was Anuchina anthropology, one of the founders of which he was in Russia. He is a staunch Darwinist, widely considered the anthropology, including in it the totality of natural historical information about the man: his evolution, comparative anatomy, biology, the theory of races. Anuchin was opposed to racism. The main directions of his research - ethnic anthropology and anthropogenesis. Many works devoted Anuchina Ethnography and prehistoric archeology.

Of great importance are the work Anuchina about the Ainu (1876), the anomalies of the skull of man (1880), the geographical distribution of the growth of the male population of Russia (1889), about the history of art and belief in the Ural Chud (1899), the ancient bow and arrow (1887) and many others. others. For the scientific method Anuchina characterized by strict historicism and integrated use of data of anthropology, ethnography, archeology, geography and others. Science.

In 1890, 1894 and 1895 led Anuchin geographical expeditions in the Valdai Hills, studying the origins of the Volga, Western Dvina and Dnepr; in 1891 in the Caucasus (near Kazbek) studied glaciers in general and separate the largest glaciers. Author university geography courses ( "History of Geography", "General Geography", "Geography of Russia", etc.). Conducted research on the Upper Volga lakes, research results (1894-95) have been summarized in the work "Upper Volga lakes and the upper reaches of the Western Dvina", as well as in smaller works, which ushered in the study of lakes in Russia. Creator School of Geography, researchers and educators. Avtorkrupnyh works on geomorphology, hydrology and regional geography. Much attention is paid to the study of natural conditions and resources, as well as the study of the changes and transformations that people makes to the geographical environment of their activities. He wrote many works about the people of Russian science, in t. Ch. Monograph on NN Maclay.

After the October Revolution Anuchin participated in the work of the State Planning Commission. Anuchin edited the magazine "Ethnographic Review" (1889), "Geography" (founded in 1894 Anuchin.), "Russian anthropological journal" (1900). In honor Anuchina named: glacier at sowing. the island of Novaya Zemlya, a mountain in the North. Urals, the island and the strait of the Lesser Kuril Ridge.

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