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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Place of birth : Santa Barbara, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Representatives of Californian rock

The band`s name comes from the Hindi and means a person who holds a cable TV in the living areas. In an interview Kreyvens said that the band found their name in the magazine article `Wired`. The most famous song of the band became `Counting Blue Cars` 1996.

The band performed in 1994 op in 2006, then had a break for two years, and since 2008 `Dishwalla` appears again. On account of their four studio albums and five live albums and EP. The group - Rodney Browning Kreyvens (Rodney Browning Cravens), solo guitar (1993 - present) ; bassist Scott Alexander (Scot Alexander, 1993 -2005, 2008 - present) ; drummer George Pendergast (George Pendergast, 1993 -1998, 2008 - present) ; keyboardist Jim Woods (Jim Wood, 1996 - present) ;Fox and singer Justin (Justin Fox), acting with `Dishwalla` since 2008. Among the former members of the band - drummer Pete Maloney (Pete Maloney, 1998-2007) and JR Richards (J. R. Richards) - singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist (1993-2008) .

In 1994 the band recorded `Take Some Time` on the tribute album ` If I Were a Carpenter`, cavernous collectionversions of the songs `The Carpenters`. In 1996 the track `Counting Blue Cars` album ` Pet Your Friends` hit the US charts, and often sounded on the radio, making the popular group. This song brought musicians Music Awards Billboard Award for best rock song in 1996, and two ASCAP Awards for rock song of the year in 1996 and 1997. In 1998 they released their second album `And You Think You Know What Life`s About`, but he failed to keep the group on the same wave of success, which helped to achieve ` Counting Blue Cars`.

Since then, `Dishwalla` were a few highlights, which again attracted to them attention.In 1995, the song `Counting Blue Cars` the soundtrack of musical comedy ` Empire Records`. In 1999 `Pretty Babies` sounded in the romantic comedy ` The explosion of proshlogo`. A year earlier, in ` Mstitelyah` lit song ` Truth Serum`, in 1999 `Stay Awake` sounded in ` Echoes eha` ,and the song `Findour Way Back Home` was on the soundtrack of the comedy ` American pirog`. In 2002, the song `Home` hit the film ` Sisters - zazhigalki` and TV series ` Ocharovannye` channel The WB, and the band began musical guest of the episode. Among the TV shows in which sounded their song - ` Secrets Smolvilya`, ` ` Lonely serdtsa` and NCIS : Spetsotdel`And, in addition, they mentioned several times in the show ` How I Met Your mamu`.

Group vypustilaesche two studio albums, `Opaline` and ` Dishwalla`, as well as a live album `Live. .. Greetings From The Flow State`.

Five singles group got into the Billboard chart. In 2006 the band decided to take a break and returned to the tour in just two years, and in the other part of. Place vocalist Justin Fox took a longtime friend, singer of the local band `Tripdavon`, so far only as a guest soloist and permanent leader ` Dishwalla` Richards recorded a debut solo album `A Beautiful End`,which was released May 12, 2009.

March 15, 2009 `Dishwalla` musicians were asked to play at a charity concert in favor of Lance (Lance Hoffman) and Carla Hoffman (Carla Hoffman), suffered from a terrible fire that hit the Santa Barbara in November 2008. The concert was very successful ,and coordinate its fire departments affected cities and counties.

In September 2012 the band announced on its official website on Facebook about a charity concert on October 13 - the musicians were going to raise funds for the youth music program `Rockshop Academy` George Pendergast, that drummer launched in 2008. Together with this announcement `Dishwalla` on the same Facebook has given to know that the fans have long expected - Justin Fox replaced JR Richards on an ongoing basis

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