Picture of Descendents

Year of birth: 1978

Age: 37 years

Citizenship: United States


DESCENDENTS Started in 1978and then the little signs that they will be one of the most important and intriguing bands in the history of American punk.

Initially it was a trio that made up the drummer Bill Stevenson, guitarist Frank Navetta and bassist Tony Lombardo and are terribly wanted to play pop - punk surf with maximum energy and boundless joy.Thus was born the seven-inch "Ride The Wild" (with the song "It`s A Hectic World" on the second side) in 1979. Then DESCENDENTS puzzled searching for a vocalist, and puzzlement that was resolved in 1980 with the advent of Milo Aukerman. Around the same time, the group has invented his signature dish - was taken one-third cup of ground coffee,added hot water from H2O, put five spoons of sugar and then taking this wild stimulant group could play a dozen songs on the superluminal velocity. Particularly strong hypervelocity DESCENDENTS trends manifested in concerts that just drives you crazy American punks.

DESCENDENTS acquired its own unique creative concept,which in the first place was to sing songs about food and fishing. The first three songs, relevant new ideas DESCENDENTS steel Hamburger Restaurant neskolkosekundnaya composition "Weinerschnitzel" and two -second epic tracks - "All" and, first appeared in the mini- album "Fat", "No All!"and the latter two were released only in 1987 on the disc "All".

Head LP "Milo Goes To College" has less space devoted food delights, But was filled with love songs played in the most rabid hardcore tempos. Like many other groups, recorded for SST Records, DESCENDENTS had a unique sound, their own style,which later formed the basis of modern pop hardcore who indulge NOFX, PENNYWISE, OFFSPRING, and thousands of other pretysyachi. But then came the bad drive output when DESCENDENTS suddenly spread to the joints, in spite of the arrival of bass player Ray Cooper. Bill Stevenson received an invitation from his friend Greg Ginn`a play BLACK FLAG.DESCENDENTS like as not disintegrated, However, intensive work in drummer BLACK FLAG activity slowed DESCENDENTS. Three years later, Bill was convinced that the work on the two groups can not be left the decaying BLACK FLAG and returned to his old comrades. Since Frank Navetta moved to Oregon, Ray Cooper switched to guitar,but bassist Tony Lombardo again expressed a desire to play on basuhe. This composition melodic album recorded "I Don`t Want To Grow Up", half scored energetic and fun hardcore songs, and in the rest of flirting with pop punk and melodic pop.

Since Tony was unable to tour with the band, then took his place Doug Carrion.The group decided not to stop there (a DESCENDENTS have been incredibly popular at home), and try to change their sound, avoiding samopovtorov. "Enjoy!" It evokes memories of early Buzzcocks, although dilute hardcore highlights.It was this album can be seen as the foundation for music GREEN DAY - melodic songs but teenage themes,is not abhor combine and hard rhythms and natural pop tunes. At the end of the summer of 1986 tour "Enjoy!" departed bassist and guitarist. The new recruits have become respectively Karl Alvarez and Stephen Egerton. "All" has been extremely dull and disappointing album. In their desire to continually progress DESCENDENTS gone too far,and while songs such as "Coolidge" or "Clean Sheets" were a fine example for subsequent copying OFFSPRING, the remaining material is too worn malopankovy character striking in heavy metal, in alternative rock. The story DESCENDENTS almost over,because the change of vocalist (Milo Aukerman decided to completely move away from music in favor of study and work) and changed their name to ALL.

On the horizon, Milo appeared again only in 1996, and was immediately trapped in a bear hug teammates (Karl, Bill and Stephen), who dragged him to Epitaph Records,which signed a contract to record a new disc reformed DESCENDENTS. Intelligently titled album "Everything Sucks" was enthusiastically received by critics and fans have become bored, sounding it strongly resembles ALL "Pummel" Project previous disc, but it is much quicker and smarter and more intense on all counts,including point for glass from drinking coffee during the recording process. DESCENDENTS became more violent than in the years of youth, but have not lost their ring tones and the ability to keep the listener in suspense (220) until the last seconds. That`s just have fun now they lack, approaching retirement, apparently depressing.Discography:

Fat EP 1981Milo Goes To College 1981

I Don`t Want To Grow Up 1985

Bonus Fat EP (Ride The Wild EP and Fat EP) 1985

Enjoy! 1986

All 1987

Two Things At Once (Bonus Fat EP & Milo Goes To College) 1987

Liveage! (Live) 1987

Hallraker (live) 1988

Somery - Greatest Hits 1990

Everything Sucks 1996

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