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Year of birth : 2001

Age: 14

Birthplace : Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Citizenship : United StatesUnknown side vocalist Bright Eyes

`Desaparecidos` - American emo and post- hardcore band from Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha, Nebraska), founded by Conor Oberst (Conor Oberst), a popular indie rock musician and frontman ` Bright Eyes`.

If his main musical project - `Bright Eyes` -Conor composes and performs sentimental folk ballads, filled with existential themes and worldview unresolved issues, the `Desaparecidos` Conor completely changed and replaced the familiar texts come quite topical verses telling about social and political issues in America. Critics ,first surprised a group style, over time, also took a new side of the musician ; ` Emo - punk garage at full katushku`, - wrote about a group of journalists `Alternative Press`, a magazine ` Entertainment Weekly` called the project ` gaudy - melodic punk rock, which almost vanished with the departure of ` Husker Du` with stseny`. `Desaparecidos` Group was founded in the year 2001 in Omaha, Nebraska. Name of the group - a Spanish word, which is the most accurate translation would be ` ischeznuvshie` ; often the term applies to prisoners of numerous rebel groups (and sometimes governments) South America (South American),which after some time missing. Fortunately, no matter how ridiculed the name in the first months of existence of the group, `Desaparecidos` I have not even come close to being forgotten.

In addition to the Oberst, the group came to Denver Dalley (Denver Dalley), Scott Casey (Casey Scott), Matt Baum (Matt Baum),Hedzhs Landon (Landon Hedges) and Ian McElroy (Ian McElroy).

Almost all the musicians have already had the experience of playing in groups, so critics soon began to refer to the group as ` supergroup Saddle Creek`, as the team soon after the foundation signed a contract with ` Saddle Creek Records`.

Already in the first year of the band began to attract the attention of listeners ,but Conor was not always able to devote all his spare time staff. According to him, it was more of a protest, the chance to express their social position. Nevertheless, the group began to be popular, which soon went far beyond the expected. The band appeared on MTV in the transfer `You Hear it First`,and also gave a joint tour with `Jimmy Eat World` and ` The Promise Ring`. But in 2002, the group took a vacation to ` unlimited vremya`, which is widely expected to last a very long time. Other participants `Desaparecidos` founded their own projects, or joined to existing ; many of them have also played together with the `Bright Eyes`.Ten years later, the participants decided to give a concert `Concert for Equality` in the capital of Nebraska. The performance went so well that the participants decided to make a second attempt and, finally, to revive the long- forgotten project. Soon they were on `Omaha`s MAHA Fest`, and gave a small US tour, performing in several states. The band recorded two new songs : `MariKKKopa` and ` Backsell`. The first of them - `MariKKKopa` - to protest against the actions of the group Arpayo Joe (Joe Arpaio), an American sheriff, anxious maintaining ` chistoty` nation ; Joe`s actions sometimes took a radical character that he doubted not only in ` chistokrovnosti` their neighbors and friends ,but even he tried to investigate the ancestry of Barack Obama (Barack Obama) and to prove that he can not be in the country. In 2013, the year the band presented the composition and `Anonymous` ` The Left is Right`, which affected the political events and the protest movements in America.

Today, the group continues to exist, but ,despite its popularity, it is rather minor musicians project. But does this make them worse than the music ? Based on a multi-million audience - not at all.

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Desaparecidos image
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