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Date of birth: 03.03.1972

Age: 44

Place of Birth: Houston

Citizenship: United States

A prominent Republican

Dennis Higgins Bonnen born March 3, 1972 th, in Houston (Houston), but grew up in Angleton, where in 1966 was born his older brother Greg. In 1990, Dennis Anglotskuyu graduated from high school. In 1994, he received a bachelor`s degree in political science in the branch of the University of St. Edwards in Austin (Austin). In 2001, the university presented the Bonner Award for Excellence.

While still a student, in 1993, Bonner became a parliamentary usher in the Texas House of Representatives. In 1995, he was a member of the advance team of Republican Bob Dole (Bob Dole), stand as a candidate in the presidential election. In 1996, Dennis won a seat in the Texas legislature, while Dole loses Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton).

Bonnen - Chief Executive Officer of the bank `Heritage Bank` in Pearland (Pearland). His brother, Greg neurosurgeon, in addition to his medical career, member of the board of the bank `Heritage Bank`. Bonnen - a founding member of the fund `Brazoria Heritage Foundation` and organization` Angleton Exchange Club`. He is a longtime supporter and member of the advisory council of the Organization of American Boy Scouts and non-profit organizations `Boys & Girls Clubs of America` and` Junior Achievement`.

In 2009, the magazine `Houston Business Journal`, calling the 40 outstanding individuals under the age of 40 years, has brought in its list Bonnena, noting his achievements in business. Dennis was the honorary chairman of the campaign `Count on Us`, conducted Brazosport College.

When a representative of the Republican Jack Harris (Jack Harris) did not achieve re-election in 1996, Bonnen made his candidacy for the Republican primary elections. Diana Hensley (Dianne Hensley) walked four candidates, gaining 28.2% of the vote. Bonner finished second - to 24.77%. In the second round, held on April 9, 1996 th, Bonnen overtaken Hensley with 54.6% of the vote against her 45.4%.

November 6, 1996-th in the general election, which coincided with the presidential election in the United States, Bonnen easily defeated Democrat David Miller (David S. Miller) - 66.9% against 33.1%. Dennis with enviable ease leaving behind their opponents, since I was first elected to the legislature. For example, in 2000, he furnished Democrat Don Ertella Ricky (Ricky Don Ertell) with a score of 69% against 31%. In 2004, he left behind Democrat Hoya Wade Weems (Wade Hoy Weems), with 66% of the vote against 34% in favor of Weems.

In addition to the appointment as interim Speaker of the House of Representatives of Texas, Bonnen is chairman of the advisory committee `Sunset`, mezhdu1997-m and 2015-m completely abolished 79 state agencies. Dennis is also vice-chairman of the Joint Committee to oversee the Department of Education and is a Natural Resources Committee.

At the session of the Legislative Assembly in 2013, Rep Bonnen supported a ban on abortion after the twentieth week of pregnancy. The bill passed the House with a score of 96-49. The project was developed with the support of his brother Greg to improve the health and licensing requirements to providers of medical abortion services.

Non-profit organization `Texas Right to Life`, Percentage Noting the support Bonnena rights to life, in 2005, put the figure of 100%, in 2011 - 71% and in 2013 - 80%. In turn, the National League for the right to abortion `NARAL` every year puts a zero rating Bonnen.

Dennis voted against the program under which lunches in public schools should be funded by taxpayers. He did not participate in the vote, when the agenda was the issue of immunization of minors without parental consent. However, the bill was approved with a score of 71-61.

Bonnen co-wrote the law to extend benefits to the tax exemption for certain types of entrepreneurial activity. He voted to ban drivers send text messages while driving. Bonnen voted in favor of drug testing those receiving unemployment benefits.

Dennis - co-author of the legislative initiative, designed to reduce the time it takes a person to obtain a license to carry concealed firearms. He did not participate in the voting on the approval of the bill on the establishment of long-term limits for individual public officials.

In 2011 Bonnen voted against the amendments to the legislation to ban smoking in public places, but the measure was adopted with the result 73-66. It endorsed the measures to reduce the funding of public institutions. He voted for forcing women preparing to abortion, first held ultrasound. Dennis also opposed the initiative to corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure in the public schools.

The brothers Dennis and Greg put both of his candidacy for re-appointment to the House of Representatives in the Republican primaries March 4, 2014-th.

Dennis Bonnen married to Kimberly M. Bonnen, 1975 year of birth. The couple have two sons - Jackson and Gregory.

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