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The band was formed in 1993 in the city of Denton four students of the University of North Texas. The original structure included Pipes brothers, Todd (vocals, bass) and Toby (guitar, vocals), and Kirk Tate (guitar) and John Ketlend (drums) . At first the boys were content with some concerts, but after graduation recorded plate with the modest name "11th Song".

The disc sold during the team`s performances, the costs are relatively wellBut the material was quite moist and naturally no radio hits are not contained. In 1994, the guys decided to once more to try his hand in the recording.

"Deep Blue Something" signed a contract with a small local label "RainMaker", for two and a half thousand dollars rented a studio and set to work. Released in October of 1994 ,album "Home" turned out much brighter than its predecessor, and the most was the highlight of the song "Breakfast at Tiffany`s".

Deep Blue SomethingKompozitsiyu put Dallas on the air station "KDGE" and "KTXQ", and soon their phones started ringing off the hook with the requirement of "Breakfast ". Small circulation "Home", which was able to overpower "RainMaker",I was instantly sold out, and to meet the high demand for the products of "Deep Blue Something", was connected to the case a solid company, "Interscope Records". The musicians were made an offer they could not refuse, and in June 1995, several modified "Home" was re-released on a global level. "Breakfast at Tiffany`s" has become one of the hottest singles of 1995-1996. The song reached the third position in the "Billboard", in Britain climbed to the very top of the charts, and in many other countries joined in the top five.

Two other singles, "Halo" and "Josey" also had international success ,but it is best to "Deep Blue Something" treated in England, where the team played four times in the transfer of "Top of the Pops". Hastily organized and world tour, during which the group visited such exotic places as the countries of Southeast Asia.

Deep Blue SomethingTem sale "Home" eventually reached the gold mark ,but that was it. The sudden and unexpected rise was accompanied by a fall because mzykanty trapped in a series of trials. One of them was related to the rights of "11th Song" on the album, and the other concerned the main place of work Todd Pipes. Even before becoming a star ,He taught English in a private Christian school, but the parents of students have learned that a class is " some kind of rock `n` rollschik " scandal came out. There were some other litigation, and the whole mess prevented the Texas quartet to move forward. The contract with "Interscope" was lost, and for "DBS" has come a long creative crisis. However, the group has made a couple of attempts in 1998 and 2001 with the albums "Byzantium" (released only in Japan and the UK) and "Deep Blue Something" (it includes several songs from "Byzantium"). Both works have had no commercial success, and one of the musicians, John Ketlend, the producer decided to do crafts, organizing indi-label "Kirtland Records".

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